The Horror series: Conjuring vs Insidious, which is Scarier?

By Pelumi King

Warning: This article contains some spoilers of these two movies. If you have not watched and do not like your movie spoiled, you have the option not to read.

Horror movies are simply what they are; simply horror, depending on how well the story is told and how well the film is acted. Some movie critics might say that horror movies are quite predictable, some people even boast that they can predict every scene of horror movies but that still however does not diminish the beauty of the horror in horror movies. A very good horror movie is very difficult to predict to some extent even some might, the way the horror movie is done and acted will make the viewer glued to the set and very scared.

The matter that we however have to settle today is between the Conjuring and Insidious. Both very scary movies that deals with the very core of demonology and exorcism. Demonology according to the English dictionary is the study of demons, especially the incantations required to summon and control them. Exorcism is the ritual act of driving out evil spirits from persons, places or things who are possessed by them. 

The Conjuring is a true life story that focuses on the true story of the life of the Warrens. Ed and Lorraine Warren are not only demonologist and exorcists, they are also paranormal investigators and authors associated with numerous prominent haunting cases.  The Conjuring movies were directed by James Wan. It tells the stories of particular events in the most realistic way possible.

 The Conjuring Part 1 focuses on a particular encounter they had when they wanted to exorcise a woman who had been possessed by a wicth who had killed her son and committed suicide. The witch wanted the woman to do the same to her daughter. The woman who was part of the Perron family who moved into the house occupied by the witch started showing symptoms and signs that clearly showed that she was possessed by the witch. This prompted the Perron Family, the wife in particular to bring it to the notice of the Warrens. In order to get approval from the Vatican to cast out the demon, they needed evidence. They placed cameras round the building. Once they confirmed it, they notified the Vatican and the Vatican gave them permission for exorcism. After a lot of scary and powerful encounters with the witch who had apparently possessed the Carolyn, the wife, they were able to cast out the witch.

The Conjuring 2 told a very different story. Let’s just say it told a story about a very different events. The demon in the part 2 was much more powerful than in Part 1. They even made a sequel out of it, The Nun, because the demon dressed like a nun. For the sake of those who might have not have watched it, much will not be said about Part 2. The Part 2 really hinges on the suspense and thrill that it brings to the table. It is way scarier than most horror movies. Another Conjuring is on the cards though. The Conjuring 3: The devil made me do it is set to be released in September 2020 barring any change to the schedule.

Insidious, another horror movie also directed by James Wan is very much on another level of scary. It was created by James Wan and Leigh Whannell. It is produced by Jason Blum, Stephen Schneider Oren Peli. James Wan and Leigh Whannell completes the list.

Insidious is a movies series just like the Conjuring. It has four parts. The Chapter 4 which was titled the last key was released in 2018.

Insidious Chapter 1 focuses on the story of a boy who becomes a vessel of ghost and demons anytime he is in a comatose state. The parents invited a well-known paranormal investigator Elise Reiner to solve the problem.

All the chapters of Insidious have different scary concepts and storyline. Just like the Conjuring, it can be dubbed as one of the scariest paranormal movies in the world.

The Conjuring and Insidious both focuses on paranormal activities. While the conjuring is based on the true life story and experience of the Warrens, Insidious to a large extent is fictional. 

Both are very scary. It is hard to pick out which is scarier. Some say it is the Conjuring while some say it is Insidious. It is up to you readers to pick which is scarier. You can leave your comments if you so wish.  

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