By Foyinsaye

‘What?! Dad and Mum? Really?’ I exclaim in disbelief as my parents, still oblivious of my presence in the living room, hug each other warmly.

‘Well, I’m so delighted,’ I gush loudly, ensuring they both hear me this time, which they did.

‘Honey,’ Mum beckons to me. ’come over here.’

I skip up to them with feverish excitement.

‘Honey,’ Dad says as he holds my hands and squeezes them tenderly. ’I know that saying that you’re delighted is an understatement. I’m sorry for all your mum and I have put you through, we’ll make it up to you.’ He promises while kissing each of my hands.

‘We’re one in love now, let’s come together for a warm family hug.’ Mum says.

We throw our arms around one another, as we laugh and cry and laugh.

‘Thank you, thank you.’ I mutter as I squeeze both of them tightly.

I continue to mumble ‘thank you, thank you’ until I open my eyes and realize that I have been dreaming and squeezing my pillow. I hiss in anger and sit up on my bed.

‘This dream could be true! It could be happening right there in the living room!’ I scramble out of bed and make for the door, brightening up at the thought of my dream replaying right before me.

I bound down the staircases, two steps at a time, only to be disappointed on getting to the living room.

‘Ugh,’ I roll my eyes in exasperation.

 Just then, I see a dark figure. Scared stiff, I switch on the light to see the figure clearly, for the day hasn’t broken yet making the living room quite dark.

‘Dad! I exclaim, staring confusedly at dad, who still looks shocked, where are you going this early? Work? No, today’s Sunday. Church? No, you haven’t…’ I stop as I notice the luggage by his side. My eyes widen with fear.

’Dad,’ I shriek. ’Are you leaving us? You’re leaving me and mum? Dad?’ I question, shaking all over like a leaf on water.

‘Honey,’ Dad whispers, placing his hand on my shoulder and cups my chin with the other. ’I’m sorry, but I have to leave. It’s too late to work things out. But promise me,’ he says. ’promise me that before you get your back against the wall in any situation, you’ll leave in peace.’ Dad sniffs, then I realize that he has been crying.

‘Promise? Promise you what? I howl as a raw pain slices through my guts, things will get better, don’t ever leave me dad.’ I plead.

 ‘It’s too late, I’ve failed you.’ Dad says and walks out.

I continue to stare like a lost lamb, hoping that Dad will change his mind, until he drives out of the compound.

‘Mum, you’ve done your worst, I wail as I dash to the bedroom they used to share that later became only Mum’s.

‘Mum, why…’ I stop halfway and stare in horror at the sight before me; Mum laying on the floor in a pool of her own blood. I take few unsteady steps towards her lifeless body, then I see a gaping bullet hole on her forehead.

I see the entire world crashing before me as I sink to the floor beside Mum, right in the pool of her blood; I didn’t see any of these coming.

‘But I had a dream, I had a dream.’ I continue to say as I lose grasp on reality. There, I pass out.

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