It is with a heavy heart that we compile tributes in the memory of Ilepe Oluwatimileyin Victor, one of us, who passed away on May 16th, this year. Timileyin until his demise (which came as a shock) was an active member of UCJ UI, a passionate Law student, among others who had devoted his life to helping and inspiring others. He was a bright star, a shining light, a promising legal icon, a friend, a brother, a confidante to many. We pray he continues to rest in peace and that the Almighty gives his parents, loved ones, friends the fortitude to bear his exit. Amen.

  • TRIBUTE TO TIMILEYIN by Jubril Olaekan

Ilepe, Ilepe Timileyin, how long will the echo of that name resound in thousands of memories!

Once, only once, did I come in contact with you sake the privilege I had to be in the same team with an exceptional mind like Timileyin. The sincerity in your speeches, charisma and your devotion to your course in the team are all worthy of reference. Although once, only once did we meet, but d impression created will forever remain!!

  Such a young, passionate and a goal-driven man u were before death chose to treacherously take you on a trip!

So sad that death never made u ripe before it came to reap!


  • We believe you’re in a better place and that gives us some level of comfort and keeps our hope alive. The moments we shared will never be forgotten so soon.

Rest on Timi  

IyanuOluwa Fagbiye

  • Ilepe Timileyin forever lives on in my heart. A lot could be said to describe him and some edified words may be used but this guy is so simple and straightforward. It’s been said that lawyers are liars but Timi proved that lawyers are layers of virtues like: discipline, humility, kindness, hardworking, and open mindedness. This guy fondly calls me MR PRO despite the fact that I have left the reins of office three years ago. Writing this really engulfs my heart with sadness and I never wished nor imagined that a day like this can ever come. Ilepe I wish all this was just a dream and tomorrow we wake up to the reality of you being alive. It’s only The Almighty that can console your family your loss is a great loss to our generation. I know one day all of us will heed the call of death but yours was just too cold and painful. Even though I know there’s a heaven I don’t wish the cruel hands of death take you there without fulfilling those potentials you have. God we will miss it! I don’t wish any of this Timi. Please Timi aIl I wish is to see you again. One day we all surely will, please rest on. You live on forever in our darling hearts.

Adekeye Ezekiel Akin-Olubode


  1. ILEPE TIMILEHIN: a brilliant gentleman with loads of potentials and an ever smiling face. I have always pictured you as a promising world class SAN in the making, unknowing to me that you will hastily bid us a farewell before kick starting your legal career. I never imagined the last time we spoke at my faculty earlier this year will be the VERY LAST. Your last statement that day was “Sam, we’ll see later”. The ONLY thing that gladdens my heart amidst all is the fact that you were SAVED before your painful demise. You will always be remembered. Rest on ILEPE OLUWATIMILEHIN                                                                                                                  

As shown in the headline, ILEPE OLUWATIMILEYIN was a Brother and Friend to me and also served as my teacher throughout the three exciting and memorable years that we spent together. It all started when we I first resumed to UI as a fresher back then in February 2017. I was wandering about around Queens Hall and Senate Building axis, then I met this good looking chap who was also looking stranded, we had a little conversation and after that, he complained about my accent as I had this unusual Ijesa accent then. We weren’t close at the beginning but I later grew fond of Ilepe later during the semester when we both decided to join our respective Halls Press Organizations.

Ilepe was a fellow with unrivalled brilliance and unmatchable knowledge especially amongst his mates. Prior to his death, he was the best student in my class (LLB CLASS 21) and believe me if I say nobody was even close to him.

Ilepe was very selfless and sacrificial. He was my teacher as I and several others always ran to him whenever we did not understand any course and he was always willing to help without any form of hesitation. Later on, I stopped listening and concentrating in classes because I felt there was no point as I had the best teacher and Friend to explain everything to me…all I needed was ti listen to Ilepe’s voice and I will be good. His notes and recordings were more popular than some people in my class, as everyone always requested for it.

Ilepe was very hardworking and assiduous with his studies. He would have read all the topics in a particular course even before the lecturers talk about it in class. This is why we can never meet him unprepared especially during exam period as he would have read everything way before that time, he always taught me and others as if he was reading from a book. He was that good and brilliant!

Ilepe had extreme passion for Law and the legal world in total, that of which I have never seen from any law student or our so called lawyers up till now. This is why you will always hear people call him ‘the lawwwww’ whenever he is walking around the campus. No they were not ‘whinnying’ him, but his actions, behaviors, dress patter, expressions was always like that of a modern day lawyer. He was a member of the Judicial Council and the moot and mock society of the Faculty of law, a very active one which made him represent the faculty in so many competitions within and outside the school where he excellently defeated others. I can remember he always tell me ” Adagunodo… there is no way we would not win any competition once once I’m involved…” he was that confident. Ohhh Mr. Death, why hath thou so wicked?

Asides law, Ilepe was a very passionate journalist and press man too. He was an active member of the Union of Campus Journalists and Mellanby Hall Press Organization where he served as a News Editor, Assistant General Editor and General Editor respectively. He always had the ambition of becoming the Editor-in-Chief, not knowing that life had another entirely different plan for him. Ohhh Mr. Death, why hath thou so wicked? Ilepe would always come to my room in Tedder Hall to drag me to any press night programme happening on Campus. He always wanted us to go together, as he would say to the reluctant me.” Adagunodo…this is one of the best ways we can fully enjoy being press men.” I would then laugh and follow him. Who knew that day we went for Kuti Hall Press Night together was going to be the last one? Oh Mr. Death, why hath thou wicked?

Ilepe, I can still remember all the sweet memories we shared together. Ilepe was there for everyone who needed his help even at his detriments. He lived an exemplary life, one which is worth emulating. His legacies can never be forgotten. Indeed, Mr. Death is a no respecter of any man. I will forever miss and adore you.

 Adieu to my brother

 Adieu to my friend

 Adieu to my teacher

 Adieu to my companion

 Adieu to the legend

I know you are there at the right hand of God as that’s the best place I can wish for you right now.

Your friend and brother

  • Ilepe,

It’s so sad I’m writing something like this at this time but God knows best.

There has been no time I thought about my future and I didn’t imagine you being a great lawyer.

You were an amazing person and jovial.

I’ll miss you teasing about snapping my mode of dressing for the ethics department

Thank you for always being willing to help when it wasn’t even convenient for you.

You touched many lives and I’m not an exception. Till we meet to part no more.   Anonymous

  • Truly, I’ve never known a law student like Ilepe. Someone whose formed notes was what others photocopied like handouts. I am one of those who have had to use Ilepe’s notes to get my bearing in a course. But far more than that, I got to know Ilepe from a whole different perspective – extreme selflessness.

Back in 200l days, my sister who was in nursing dept. gave me a pile of questionnaires (for her friend’s project) to help her get filled, she needed respondents from different male halls. As a Zikite, I was required to help her get a number of respondents. Then, she told me to find a classmate of mine who stayed in one of the halls in school area who could help us get about 30 respondents. Who else could my mind go to but Ilepe? When I told him about it, he was more than eager to assist me. Ilepe went from room to room in Mellanby without any supervision and got all questionnaires filled! Even me, I couldn’t trace some of the questionnaires I gave out, sort of did mine haphazardly but not Ilepe. You would have thought he was the one writing a project.

Some days after this, my sister met Ilepe physically for the first time. I think it was in front of her hall (Queen’s) and she promised she would entertain him (cook him a meal) to show her appreciation. Sadly, she never cooked him that meal till this day.

Sad. So sad. It is just today that I got to understand what it means for some people not to have deserved death. Ilepe was one of those.

Death chose the wrong person but I know Ilepe is right now in a better place. That’s my only consolation.

Rest on, brother.


  • Ilepe Timileyin was a hard and industrious worker. I had the opportunity of working with him a few times and he never failed in any of his assignments.

He is also a studious person and I knew him before actually meeting him. This is because his brilliance stood him out in his class and faculty.

I pray that God forgives his Sins and make rewards for his good deeds. May his soul rest in peace. Lawal M. Aderonke

  • Favour Akinola: GONE TOO SOON!

My mentor!

My brother!

Ilepe with Law in his DNA.

Lord Dennings incarnate.

The way Baba cites novel cases is topnotch.

My academic supporter after God, you made fell in love with my few Law courses, was eagerly anticipating for us to resume back to school so that you’d explain these new courses to me, little did I know what’s about to happen, sigh.

Who will help us with tutorials? 30mins or 1hr with Ilepe is enough for one to 4point any of the courses explained.

Ilepe!!!  You’ve touched so many lives in the faculty (we’re hoping that this is a dream and even joke cos, it’s expensive), Ilepe Oluwatimileyin, you still lives! My business supporter (my business got to your class and even the faculty through the way you advertised them, thank you dear mentor).

You didn’t tell me that, both my call and chat with you on the 12th of this month will be the last time.

Ilepe!!! Who’s gonna wear the shoes you left?

You’ll forever remain in our hearts.

 Ilepe Oluwatimileyin, a promising Legal luminary who has refused to give up on anything BUT was unable to REFUSE DEATH.  


  •  Dear Ilepe,

 I called you “troubleshooter” because while you indeed solved problems, I was simply looking for a way to call you trouble. There are so many things I wish I had done better. You were a lot of things to a lot of people and I’m still trying to wrap myself around this.

There are some memories I can never forget and I’m not even trying to. You explained the meaning of “fiat justitia ruat coelum” to me the very first day of resumption while I was still struggling with whether to wear black and white or not.

I remember how fast you talked and that if you didn’t know the question, the probability of someone like me having answers was slim, I mean, who am I?

I was never in your group but I always had a way of abandoning my assignments with you to submit to Google. I never thought I’d see the day I would write this, but I miss you and sometimes I find myself laughing and I feel guilty wishing you were still here with us but I know you wouldn’t want us to be sad, you were always selfless.  Life without you will never be the same. I miss you Timilehin, I always argued whether to write it with a y or h. Everyone misses you and even though our hearts are heavy, I hope wherever you are is better than here.

Till next time, primus inter pares, our best graduating student, O.V. Ilepe JSC. Thank you for impacting our lives positively. May God console your family, biological and all others in-between.

Your troublemaker,


  • Ilepe Oluwatimileyin was a very good classmate of mine. He was selfless and diligent. A brilliant student that takes joy in helping people. He would take his time to fully explain things to us. Assignments,  group work, class work, test, exam, presentation, whatever it is Ilepe was always there to teach and help us understand it.  He lived an impactful life. Always dedicating his time and energy to reasonable stuffs. He was an amazing team player.  He was that good guy you can always trust to keep your secrets and shield you. May his sins be forgiven as his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. I will miss him greatly.

Ganiyat Raji.

  • Tribute to Timileyin Ilepe by Josephine Yisa

You truly lived life. You left an impact on everyone you met, both physically and virtually. You were a bright star, evident to all. It is so painful to lose you so early, but we have the comfort that we’ll meet again. Rest on brother!


First of all, never in my life have I for a second thought I that I’d write this kind of message to you. Tears are rolling down my cheeks right now. If they don’t, I’d blame nature.

It all started when we resumed school 2017, February. Myself and Victor were at social sciences trying to register for a course. I was truly a fresher, had no knowledge about anything.

Then I saw this young man, well dressed in black shirt, trouser and black tie, with a bag sitting next to another lady wearing a black gown. If I’m right, that was Fehintoluwa. And they were practising Latin past question.

When I saw them, I burst into laughter. Really laughed so hard. Was wondering how a fresher like me will not only have a past question but was solving it. Like how? That was second week of resumption.

The unserious me was like this one is doing too much jare.  Abeegi

Fast forward to when I first approached you. After I discovered how bright you were. The response wasn’t welcoming enough, in my mind, this guy is too proud. What gan na.

So I stopped talking to you. Then a night to law 101 exam. I didn’t know shii. Had no choice but to run down to Mellanby, back to reading room. Ilepe was done reading around 6pm, on his way back to sleep till the next day as usual. Then I asked him to explain and all which he did. Everything he taught me was what I wrote and I didn’t fail.

Then second semester, we became closer. It was so easy opening up to Ilepe. No need to stress words out of my mind. He just seemed like a confidant.

People would expect me to talk about academical aspect of how you helped me. I will but trust me, that’s not the only thing he did for me.

Ilepe is one of the most selfless person I’ve ever met. Tolu can testify to this. Ilepe isn’t selfish! Asides his note or material he hasn’t read, I don’t think there’s nothing Ilepe cannot give you.

Whenever I do something wrong, I’d go to Ilepe, tell him, and he had this way of correcting me. It felt fatherly.

Ilepe gave me relationship advices, weird but he was bright in every aspect.

I don’t need to explain to anyone how hardworking you were and how bright you were.

Ilepe the mobile law. Is there anything they taught us that Ilepe didn’t know?

Back to when I wanted to give up, Ilepe after speaking senses into my head and skull, said “so you can choose to be unserious, it will do you better than good”

Ilepe could be annoying and sometimes sounded proud, but trust me, Ilepe wouldn’t watch you fail. Ilepe would leave Mellanby and come to teach me in my own room in Zik hall.

When I was running for the position of SU General Secretary. Ilepe groomed me for press night. Ilepe would tell me, even if not for yourself, but for me, you have to do well when you get there.

I missed so many classes in second semester, and I can’t even remember the assignments that we were given but I’d always have my assignments done and submitted.

And I will still get the soft copies for me to read.

Ilepe would teach you without consulting a material or textbook.

I’m listening to your vns right now and I’m in tears.

Due to SU duties and missing of classes, Ilepe took his time to teach me and other people. He’d still leave his comfort zone to teach me, to teach us.

Ilepe became a part of me to the extent that whatever the lecturer said in class wasn’t enough, unless I hear Ilepe’s voice.

I’m not a spiritual person, but I don’t think diabetes would have taken such a precious gift from LLB 21.

Ilepe, a rare gem. When I broke the news to my mum, she broke into tears. She knows how much you mean to me.

Ilepe’s voice, you were such a beautiful singer and a lover of the way you sang My world needs you right now in your fellowship made me fall in love with the song till date. I hope right now you will be in heaven, that’s the best thing I’d ever wish for you right now.

Nights of how we talked about the future. Your plans, your preparations, your zeal, your passion, your love for this Noble course, your dedication, your determination, your hardwork, your sweats, your brightness, your light, your knowledge, your wisdom, your understanding, your talent, your readiness, your toil, your labour, your strength, all and more, death snatched from you untimely. You were such a bright prospect, your future was beautiful and unique.

I’m not sad, I’m broken, and the vacuum your death created in my heart can’t be filled.

Ilepe Oluwatimileyin Victor, Rest in Peace.

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