• For ILÉPÉ TÌMÍLẸ́YÌN; a Sun by Dada Ibukunoluwa

The beauty of the sunset lies not

 in the darkness which gradually overwhelms it,

 But the hope; the light in our hearts

 That we will see its shine tomorrow

What happens, then, when we watch a bright sun

sink into the horizon

and we know

We won’t see its shine tomorrow

 or the next day

 or the next…

 The darkness of hopelessness

 gradually overwhelms the lights in our hearts,

 and we fear to find the sunset beautiful

  • We truly cannot understand

Death comes without a notice

Living us all in utter despair

Does it not understand life?

Why does it choose to take ours at the most unimaginable times?

We find solace that you’re still with us

We find solace that you watch from on high

We’ll keep the scrolls untainted with lies

And do our bit to what you gave yourself to

Telling the truth

Agropress UI


By Kareem Shamusudeen


There were no signs,


that you were going on that dreadful voyage.

What we behold was vison,

Lucid vision that you were a blessing for us.


you impressed us with your verbal pyrotechnics.

With your intellectual display, your mellifluous entertainment,

you taught us the ‘common’ in another light,

you taught us what it is to be a friend, a brother, a confidante.


It is you who showed us how it is to cling to success,

It is you who told us what it is to be outstanding.

And what I thought would be an everlasting friendship,

is interrupted by the sad news of your demise.

The Law,

How do I bring myself to bear your painful exit?

How do I?

You have touched the heart of many.

Your diligence has catalyzed the lives of many.

Your name is one that will never perish.

For forever will you live in our hearts.

And when we write the little tributes we can,

they point—explicitly—that you had a good name.

And a good name is, of course, worthier than a century of scandals..

Rest on, my dear friend!

  • A Farewell Too Soon by Precious Oparanozie

I wish there were always reasons

For our “why’s”

So that we could scream our “WHYS”

And wait in beautiful expectation for answers…

But when there are none

We realize, for once, how helpless we are;

That we are but dust

And nothing makes sense –

Not on this wretched dwelling place of ours anyways!

Why live, when cold hands could snatch it, and your dreams together with it?

Why love, when only Time knows

when the objects of your love would say the final good bye

And icy coldness fill that emptied place?

Timi, since I heard of your ultimate passing,

There has been a raging battle in me:

To fight these weak thoughts

And face it with the strength I ought to face it with

Because of course, you are in Christ

And even your going is great gain!

Still, are not the strongest of us permitted moments of weakness

When we can lament for a moment

Like those who have no hope?

Because Timi, it does not seem fair that life should go on normally

As if nothing happened!

Why didn’t the earth shake?

Why didn’t the sky fall?

Why didn’t darkness come sooner?


Yet the hope that there is a Good God

Keeps me from total despair,

As I know that even now, He’s in control

Even now, He has the victory

Even now, you’re intensely loved by Him

And even now, you’re safe in His arms.

Now I know why the aged are glad to be gone

For I would be glad to see you soon.

Farewell Timi!

  • He is still alive By Oladeji Popoola

(For a Mellanbite, Ilepe Timilehin)

Eternal abode

One day will be everyone’s fortune.

As the hands of ones’ biological clocks tick

We plan, pray, hustle, and hope.

But the sweetest reality of existence soon manifests

when death comes calling when life seems to be sweet.

Eyes had seen a promising man

who gathered setts and then toiled with sweat and strain to lay seeds

in the earth but in the days of longing for harvest,

he was laid in the earth.

Ears had heard of a famous madman who still wanders on the streets

in the day and at night with bizzare dreads ladened with lice and filthy tatter.

Hopelessly and unknowningly, he heads to his grievous grave.

Weep not!

Ilepe Timilehin had come and had returned home to rest

And to live on in the eternal abode that we shall merit one day.

So who is still wailing when songs are being composed

in his honour by the angels for his great feats on earth.

Weep not!

He is still alive, in our hearts.

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