Corona virus: University of Ibadan manufactures, shares face masks

As part of its response to the fight against corona virus, the University of Ibadan COVID-19 Response Committee on Tuesday 28th April, having manufactured over 2000 face masks, shared them to members of the universities committee as well as neighbouring communities.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor(Research, Innovation and Strategic Partnerships), Prof. Olanike K. Adeyemo, who spoke during the masks distribution said this initiative came into being when the university was aware that many people might have difficulties in purchasing good face masks.
She said: “There are people in this university communities and around us who can afford dozens of face masks, even the expensive N95 surgical face masks. But there are also many people who cannot afford even the cheapest masks around. These people are the ones for whom the university has produced these masks.”

She also added that this gesture tallies with the vision of the university to meet societal needs, while noting that the use of face masks has become compulsory nationwide.

Prof. Adeyemo further advised the members of the university community not to joke with the deadly corona virus, harping they should observe all the necessary preventive measures so as to curb the spread of the virus.

“We are a praying nation, and I have no doubts that praying is working for us. That is why our fatality and infection rates are much lower than what obtain elsewhere. However, we must add obedience and precaution to our prayers,” she noted.

Prof. Victoria Adetunji, the chair of the UI COVID-19 Response Committee, also said manufacturing and sharing masks was one of the many things the committee was doing as other activities included research into drugs and other products for treating corona virus data management, among others.

Source: University’s website

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