By Josmat Jerry

The brain, I mean, the memory of articulation, processing and retention of all forms of information; the ability to ascribe and comprehend any teachings is also stigmatized to this God-giving gift; the thinking faculty of a man (human being) determines the state of his or her brain, it appears in same physical structure but with a different personal content. Beauty is a virtue human beings has been endowed with by God, and it is also given to us all in various styles. Beauty is a revere endowment by anyone who comes in contact with it. Today, 80% of people in the world admire beauty as the most costly attribute and endowment from God. This made a lot of people (especially the females) to prefer beauty highly to anything in life as if it were a treasure that guarantee a passage to paradise.

In addition, it can also be said that, they believe (with beauty) they can achieve or gain anything they desire in life such as money and any tangible property. Due to the principle of desiring beauty, many young lads (especially teenagers, adolescent and those in the female category) who are in the secondary and tertiary institutions are less serious with their education, but they are mostly disturbed on how to remain 100% beautiful with the aim of enhancing their already-made beauty. It can be widely viewed that their priority of life has been wrongly placed not knowing, forgetting, or shunning the fact that this is an endowment that last not, as it perishes as time fly by.

Sadly, those who are dark in complexion apply different kind of creams and eventually become fair (like Europeans) all of a sudden, giving their skin a mixture of colours. They never for once reason that being created black is a pleasurable and special gift from the creator, who knows better than us, and who is also aware of what befits us. They tend to be ignorant that whatever your body complexion is, be it: black, albino, light, or fair, every complexion has its own unique beautification. Unknowingly and knowing to them, their cover skin is greatly affected after undergoing a lot of bleaching which causes the skin to be too flexible to withstand some climatic conditions and temperatures together with a life time demerits any artificial skin of their type can experience or encounter in their own phase.

The brain is an essential commodity which can be used to enforce change in any society, human beings fashioned with great development, innovation and progress is driven by a priceless treasure, which is the brain. With the brain today, one can network around the whole world within a twinkle of an eye. The positive change that has taken place in the whole world today especially in the area of technology, fueled by creativity, is as a result of the vital application and role of the human brain. Without the right use of the brain (powered by the creator) by some great minds like Socrates, Thomas Edison – the brain behind bulb light, Carl Benz – the inventor of Motor Car, Alexander G. Bell – the inventor of Telephone, Sir Isaac Newton – the discovery of the law of gravitation etc., the world would not have been as easy as this.

Think about this, computer – the world versatile means of communication, was developed and generated as a result of the application of the brain. Another example are cell phones (GSM), this was brought to Nigeria in the year 2002 during the Olusegun Obasanjo administration, is also a result of the brain. The chair you sit on, the bed you lay on , the television you watch, are all electronic gadgets you operate every day, to mention but a few, were invented due to the application of the brain. It has turn out to being the silent operator behind the evolution of life transformation.

What the brain does, beauty cannot in one percent do it. Beauty can only generate self-esteem which eventually leads to pride. No matter how ugly a man or woman is, he or she can influence the whole world as a result of his or her brain. Practically, being brainy enough to change the universe does not have to do with how beautiful or handsome you are. Our former president (Chief Olusegun Obasanjo) with respect to him, is not that handsome but with brain he ruled this great nation, Nigeria, for complete 8 years in a democratic system of government, even in the military regime, he ruled for 4 years respectively. So beauty cannot take you anywhere except you reform it through knowledge. Your poor situation can be changed due to the application of your brain. Use your brain, cherish it, for it is far better than beauty.

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