By Adedolapo

It is disheartening to know that the nation is plagued with a deadly and at present an incurable virus which has affected almost all nations of the world. With thirty-one (if not more) persons affected, over three thousand one hundred individuals as unrecognized or unconfirmed victims and over thirty-one million individuals as soon to be victims, the nation is indisputable on the verge of being on a social and economic lockdown. Of course, it is never needless to say —as everyone has said — that the government was slow and unsteady in making decisions and safeguarding the health, wealth and wellbeing of the nation as they always reaffirm to be their core purpose by further allowing for the undisrupted movement among infected nations and the previously uninfected Nigeria.

 Regardless, should we say that these airports are also nonchalant with regards to the wellbeing of their workers? How strong and reliable is the health facilities in these airports. What laws governs their acts and what are the health policies that governs them? Have we pondered on why the lives of over a hundred and twenty million individuals should be compromised at the stake of ‘business’ and ‘diplomatic relationship’ Little wonder someone once said that the president waited for his daughter to successfully arrive from the United Kingdom before shutting the border- self-government, self-purpose, self-security, self-governance.

Nevertheless, the deed has been done and it is time to face the reality of what has come — the Corona virus; a pandemic, which if not, would become uncontrollable for both the government and the citizens as everyone is susceptible to it. The power of this diseases cuts across the rich, middleclass; the poor, the knowledgeable, creative and dullard; the powerful, spiritual, and nonconformist. This is a world-government; one which is no respecter of the law, position and intelligence. It moves towards the direction which it itself cannot fathom; the master of all, a servant to none. Lest we fall prey of needless and unhealthy opinions made by ‘highly intelligent and spiritual’ set of individuals, we need to first understand the nature of man and his environment and work toward becoming ‘no victim’ in this trying period. Even as it is said ‘heaven help those who help themselves’.

Apparently, there is a need to look into certain circumstantial situations which might most definitely create or ignite greater issues amidst the already developed ones.


It quite easy for certain personalities to declare a state of panic buying, self-isolation and emergency care. But the truth is Nigeria just as every other country of the world consists of various people who employ different forms of survival, of which is a determinant of his daily routine/job, mode of feeding, direct/indirect access to health facilities, accommodation; in all —his lifestyle. Under no logical sense should one make rules for the nation without paying attention to the pattern of living in the country. Take for instance, the issue of self-isolation can not only be seen as a bias or insensitive advice to infected or suspected victims —who are either privileged or over-privileged —but also a challenge to those who live on the street, on bridges and in the slum. Where do these set of individuals go? Would the government provide for some isolation house or emergency house in order to take them off the street and set them apart from being infected? Is there any prospect of providing relief materials and food items for weeks for them if a case of emergency arises? Think about it!


When Jesus said that we should give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and unto God what is his, he most likely made a mistake by not specifying nations he was referring to. Also, it is also important to understand when this holy book further said that every individual, spiritual or not, legal or nor is expected to obey the constituted authority as they are of God’s. Why then should some set of people lay further claim on righteousness and spiritual superiority? What is the supernatural if humans can make rule? What is spirituality if doctrine is superior to the holy laws? What is righteousness, when humans can write their rules and determine their fate? What is religion in hypocrisy and man’s wickedness?

Not focusing on any definite form of religion, the religious illiteracy of Nigeria appeared to be in its full glare as Nigerians would rather fulfil religious requirement than protect themselves. The truth is ‘love your neighbour as thyself’ but when one is in constant activities which is geared towards endangering one’s life, it is guaranteed that the lives of those who live with or around such an individual is definitely in danger.  Hence, the person has broken three laws by one single act. What greater sin can be?

Also, the religious bodies’ negligence towards human situation is quite disappointing. It is true that quite a number of services —Christianity, Islam and traditional related services did not hold except its members are less than fifty. But then, what difference does that make? The government could have simply said that schools with less fifty or more students in each class would not be allowed to open. Let us analyse (as imagination is a reality in our present situation): the Access bank officials who got infected went back home to meet their families. They obviously wined and dined with them, joked, celebrated and encouraged one another. It is most certainly sure that these people has been infected and would have to isolate themselves as well. Is the family up to fifty? Definitely no!

Also churches which made announcements to scrap physical services and opted in for online ones made a great difference until they raised the issue of offering. It baffles one to know that the church is yet to know or take its rightful position in decision making and general actions/execution. Little wonder its members are still a prey to the enemies of their souls. Why offering? It is true and considerable for one to accept as a fact that the country with soon be permanently shut down and religious bodies should be at the frontline helping and encouraging the government of the day to perform its sworn duties. Why can’t religious bodies announce for donations, relief materials, sanitizers and food from the highly privileges and distribute to the less privileged who might not be able to scale through what may happen next? Why? But its members should make use of bank transfer and POS in order to curtail the spread of the virus. Would the money later be used for the church in trying times? Definitely not. The government bears all responsibilities. The government is being prayed for.

It is important to remind everyone that we cannot afford the mistake every other countries have made. Is it not said that we all learn from mistakes? Why should we desire for a situation which we cannot afford to control or manage? It is important for everyone to adhere to certified medical announcement, observations and guidelines and refrain from spreading fake news. Lastly, panic is the safest form of self-defence and a perfect means towards complete compliance in Nigeria.

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