By Josmat Jerry

One of the most interesting adventure we get ourselves involved in during our course on earth is the fighting of battles. Battles, as mentioned here, doesn’t simplify a physical encounter with an enemy nor does it mean a world war or a civil war. These said combats are the difficulties we encounter during our trade throughout our period in life. In a formal reasoning, challenges come into some individual’s record, sliding into their order of the day and turning out to be normal routines. These sets of people are familiar with facing hard times, for which they later tend to be in expectance of their daily challenge.

 On the other hand, we have the opposite set of folks who form or base their own views and perspectives on current situations, present happenings and their status of generalization. We all live in an unbalanced world which makes the latter proclaim life difficulties to being a patterned encounter. Well, no one is to be caned for stating their analysis the way it appears or as it is voiced in respect to the degree life has channeled them.

In no ‘one of its kind’ way have we seen individuals fighting battles and emerging victorious. It would neither be an offense for one to say it is normal to face challenges and win it, but from recent look of things, a certain percentage of people are very much ignorant of the period they conquer those hard times they face — thereby putting them in a veil. For the purpose of clarification, a veil is something hung up, or spread out, to hide an object from view or protect the face. In a single phrase, it is a cover, a disguise, a mask or a pretense.

Mounting over some challenging times makes us a winner, a victor, a warrior but the amount of time used in fighting these battles actually varies from one context to another as no two person faces the same challenge, and we are all separate individuals trading our lives on a different path. What then happens when an individual keeps on fighting a defeated mountain? It is so logical and ironical to say that; how can this turn out to be true? Does it really happens?

Being aware of how well a certain tough time has pass over is a clause that is filled with hundred percent validity. As mentioned earlier, the earth is filled with species and mammals that act in different ways, the way human beings react or view things varies and this describes how well we can be in consciousness of things happening to us or even around us better than another individual. To be in an active position so as to know when a battle is being won, depends on the rate at which our conscious and subconscious minds are in constant check in relation with our daily activities.

Fair enough, some people do not even know whether they are currently battling with a hard time or not. We have other set of people who are far from knowing the kind of battle they are facing, forgetting that all battles are not wrestled using the same strategy. Reasoning all along with this, someone who is innocent of his present status or doesn’t know the kind of enemy he wrestle against will certainly stay unknown when such a battle is being defeated.

The fact that some precious time which should have been diverted to another life’s trade are wasted on fighting an already won combat is another saddening part of this issue. Time they say is the determinant of life. It is also a resource that can be recovered whether it is well managed or not. In a humanly manner, questions on how to be aware when a battle has been conquered will currently run across our mind. At a point when things get so hard and look undefeated to the extent of giving all up, one is about emerging victorious.

As it is said, “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going” This describes more about how extreme it can turn out to be. This should serve as the first indicator in respect to being conscious of the fact that a currently faced hard time is about to vanish away. In addition, our battles on earth can be compared to normal examinations. We take examinations in order to get promoted to another level; same as challenges, which are also meant for us to take and pass in order to move on to our next stage in life. At a point where we get to face a new difficult time, we should be aware that the previous one has been executed. Basically, a hard time needs to be put to end before another one can slid in.

Life has to be lived in view of being in a constant check on ourselves. If we keep on living our days with the same tactics and strategy, it is not going to end the perfect way it is meant to be shaped. A winner in a veil is caught unaware in such a way that his shadow has traveled to another level while he is still left fighting, wrestling and wasting his resources on a lifeless constrain.

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