By Cassius

Prior to the reinstatement of the Students’ Union, the council of Hall chairpersons and Faculty presidents have been the determinant forces in the student welfarism of the University. These Council played part in the resistance of various Anti-students policies and meeting of various political contestants during the 2019 General elections as well as being the mouthpiece of the student. However, one of the issues which the council failed to address is the problem of skyrocketed basic dues.

     Normal as it is for any citizen of the country to belong to any association so it is for students to belong to different associations (though with peculiarity). Consequential of the right to be a member of an association is the obligation to be financially committed. As exemplified by the taxes citizen pay to the government. This is enshrined in the constitution, however, with some associated rights and privileges. As such no crime is committed in demanding for dues. The heinous act being committed is the skyrocketed dues imposed by students’ leaders on their fellow members.

     These dues range from #1,500 to God knows with disparity among departments, faculties, male and female halls. The disparity in the basic dues is associated with the mandatory levies of packages.


The Management

The management, through the Students’ Affairs Divisions maintained the position that the mandatory basic dies on campus should not be more than #2,000. The Division is concerned with the students’ welfarism and asserted this during the proscribed era of our dear Union.

The Students’ Union

 The Students’ Union, under the leadership of Mr. Akeju Olusegun, while addressing the 8th assembly on March 8th, 2020, stated that the basic dues should not be more than #2,000. And that it should be the only mandatory dues. With these elephant fees, one cannot help but wonder as why not give us something light?

The Association

Of the good and of the bad, money is needed to run an effective and efficient administration. As such, should they be blamed? The scenario of poor or substandard packages help to answer the question.


The grass suffers where the elephants fight, so goes the wise saying -the grass being the students and the elephants being the associations. In resisting this kind of exploitation, questioning, consultation, consolidation and last of all, confrontational measures are to be followed, because, oppression is not a big fan of resistance.


The message in appealing to our distinguished student leaders is to be considerate enough to understand the plight of their fellow students. And association is said to be more than what is literarily defined, rather it is ordained and in the state of nature, association is what saves human from the short solitary, brutal and nasty environment which human finds themselves. Should we then be tsunamized to this environment due to the high financial demands. Never!

O ye executives, heed our pleas and bill us something light!

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