Keeping Your Eyes On The Prize

By Osarennoma Ogbeide

Imagine the story of a young lad from a humble background, being privileged to be the only child to successfully complete the university education and the joy it will bring to the family that he will liberate them from the chains of poverty. He carefully draws a clear mental picture of what he wants to achieve; however, perhaps he did not bargain for unfortunate incidents along the way.

His CV and file had become prostitutes, visiting the rooms of many organizations. His now faded shirt and tie even became tired of hearing the usual “we will get back to you”. Bewildered will be an understatement of what he felt when he realized it was his own CV the road side seller used to wrap his roasted corn. This was more than enough reason for him to give up, but the beautiful picture he had earlier created for himself and his family was the only thing that kept him on course.

Frustration caused him to conclude that he probably was not one for the cooperate world. He did not have any money for a startup so he resolved to helping people carry their heavy items popularly known as ‘alabaru.’ Imagine the embarrassment of being a graduate and being forced to do such menial jobs just to make ends meet. He kept saving from his earnings, got his own wheelbarrow and remained dedicated. Soon after, he had saved up enough to buy a small truck that allowed carry out more errands.

A couple of years later, he built his own logistics enterprise ,owned a number of vehicles and had workers that run deliveries for online stores, shopping complexes and food joints. His dream was not farfetched; he was able to support his family and siblings. Behold, his beautiful picture became reality.

This young lad’s story is just one of the many success stories we hear these days. We see many people, including celebrities talking on their humble beginnings, struggles in life and being where they are presently because they did not give up, because they had their eyes on the prize.

Looking at a wise saying from Anthony Dimwaka, disappointments are not special gifts reserved for the poor. Everyone has got them what you do with it is what matters. This depicts nothing but the truth because believe it or not, every single person faces disappointments or setbacks, no matter how much you think you have got everything under control. It is not set aside for a particular class of people either. What is most important is how you manage them. Some let setbacks ends them, while some have learnt from them and for others it was a story of a stumbling block becoming a stepping stone. We all have dreams and ambitions, goals and targets, disappointments have nothing on us because as you go higher in life, you encounter more hurdles. Just remember to keep your eyes on the prize!

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