Before You Let Go of Your Dreams

Samuel James


Quieten the noise inside.

Before you let go too early

Before you let your dreams off the hook,

I’ve got a word for you.

Take a pause and reflect;

The airplane was the dream of two brothers;

The illumination of lightbulb stuck to Edison’s eyes;

The search engine appeared to Alan Emtage first;

Babbage fathered the offspring of computing;

Zuckerberg spoke Facebook to existence;

Before Acton and Koum visualized our WhatsApp community;

All before everyone else could bring their dreams

To the dining table of Earth.

Dreamers never die young,

And even when the grave receives their glory

Their dreams still live on.

So don’t stop dreaming big

In the face of monstrous Nigerian realities,

In a country where there is no collective dream!

Your dream might just be the next anchor

For our nation.

Keep dreaming big.

Keep communicating to the helpers of destiny;

Angels who usually appear once in the blue moon

The shoots over the dreamers who wait.

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