Coronavirus: An Elegy

By Samuel James

From China through Iran to Italy and the entire world,

There it crawls a tiny devil, blooming like a poisonous

Rose on the surface of the Earth, on the offensive,

Eliciting sighs of distress from my burdened chest.

Covid 19 brags,

Stinging like the apple Eve gave to Adam in Eden,

Shutting down global trends and events like a system,

Pushing shows forward and slaying souls on stage,

Manning the gates of Broadway and world theatres,

Rounding off the gala of Tribeca, Coachella and Disneyland,

Sprouting its lethal fingers at the skin of tours and concerts,

And damning the life of our planet bit by bit.

And now my heart beats even fast and furiously,

Following the pace of the child’s breaths

Who spoke in Michael Jackson’s single;

And now I ask in my wondering,

How we can heal this here world again?

With Corona raging here and there to test our resolve

Our resolve to survive by all means possible.

Shall the statistics be ignored to our peril?

Or prayers be made against the prophecies of doom?

Help creation, Lord!

For who else can we cry to as science confound science?

Heal us now that we are hopeless again.

Heal the world you created with your word, our Maker,

As both adults and children breathe their last for a virus’s sake.

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