By Tunde Henry

A place of living that doesn’t meet some standard criteria can’t be considered a safe home. This unsafe home increases the likelihood of an outbreak of diseases and illness occurring. The school hostel is a home for students whenever they are in school. The situation in some of our university hostels is somehow appalling. This brings us to this issue of an open dump site situated at the Independence hall and which has not been properly managed. Ineffective waste disposal is among the greatest risks to human health. A learning environment requires a healthy atmosphere but the sanitary conditions in most of our institutions are usually poor. Educational institutions are meant to upkeep their environment and hence serve as role models to local communities around them.

The campus community should always be distinct from the local communities in the level of cleanliness. We have seen in many studies that there’s a connection between health hazards and improper waste disposal.

Just recently a woman started the selling of fries just a distance from the dump site. Without doubt, this can actually be hazardous to health if the fries are not properly covered from flies. And the location itself carries question mark.

Residents of Independence Hall as well as their female counterparts in Queen Idia hall have lamented of the disgusting odour emanating from the decomposing waste as they pass by. There is high probability of it contaminating the fresh air and also decomposing wastes are reported to emit some gases like methane and carbondioxide which can be hazardous to health.

An Idiate told me that “the dump site is always disgusting and messy and such a place as that does not befit a learning environment as it tarnishes the image of the school.”

Another said she has always been irritated anytime she passes there, most especially during the rainy season as the refuse piles on the road. “And the whole place is filled with refuse and an alternate route has to be taken because we find it difficult to pass there”, she added.

Barely three months ago, members of the Nigerian Red Cross Society cleared the dump site as well as the university physical planning unit helping them to transport the heaps of refuse away from the dump site. Just barely three days after the clearance, the dump site was filled with refuse again. Wastes are being emptied on the floor as there is no proper waste collector or dumpster at the site. I believe these wastes are not only collected from the students’ hostel but also from the residential houses at Idia market and its environment.

The management can as well provide large dumpsters at the sites and the residents of the area should be sensitized about proper disposal of their refuse, as doing these can really go a long way in preventing an outbreak.

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