By Theophilus Femi

The 9th Assembly of the Great Independence Hall Legislative Council was inaugurated on Tuesday, March 10, 2020, during the Valedictory & Handover Sitting of the 2019/2020 session.

The sitting, which commenced few minutes past 6 p.m. at Independence Hall Junior Common Room, saw the presentation and adoption of the report on the just concluded Hall Week, delivery of the valedictory speech by the erstwhile Speaker, and the inauguration of the 9th Legislative Assembly, and the election and inauguration of the new assembly’s principal officers.

The inauguration of the new Assembly was presided over by the then Speaker, Rt. Hon. Popoola Hassan, after the dissolution and bowing-out of the members of the 8th Assembly. Rt. Hon Poopola Hassan, who administered the oath of office to 8 of the 11 newly elected representatives, charged them to be united and truthful in all their dealings.

The sitting also witnessed the election and inauguration of the principal officers of the new Assembly.  Hon. Sharafadeen Abdusalam emerged as the Clerk after having pulled 8 of the 8 votes cast; Hon. Hon. Olaniyan Ibrahim emerged as the Chief Whip after pulling 8 of the 8 votes cast; Hon. Jimoh Toheeb emerged as the Deputy Speaker after pulling 8 of the 8 votes cast, while Hon. Adegoke Samuel emerged as the Speaker, after pulling 8 of the 8 votes cast.

Rt. Hon. Adegoke Samuel, while delivering his inauguration speech, urged honourable members to be transparent and committed, saying that the interests of Katangites must be treated with utmost priority. He also said that the 9th Assembly is one that would widely embrace comments from observers.

Rt. Hon. Adegoke Samuel further mentioned his plans for the Assembly which include: funding the provision of copies of the Hall’s Constitution for all honourable members, proper monitoring of disbursed funds and organisation of a parliamentary visit.  

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