By Josmat Jerry

Dark hours flagging on air,

thick blooms adorn the way line.

Collections of dim pictographs,

collectively gathered in a steady state.

Centuries of rough images,

huge saddening, hardened merriment,

wholly terrifying and horrifying,

dipping deep depth down-hole,

the end thereof – havocs!

Live memories of life they are.

Getty images indicating happy fields,

flavoured with seasoning trails.

Gigantic timeline in awe bliss,

faithfully partying at their cornerstone,

guarded by an easy location,

easily located by all signals.

They party around in an “air-fresh”

like a host of daffodils.

Ever accompanied around a sweet smile.

Live memories of life they are.

Many are left unattended,

parked down to their dark cages.

Rolling anticlockwise in mix mind,

Which to attend to first?

Betterdays of lively minutes?

Or the other part that proves darkish?

Its just all that,

Live memories of life they are.


Both serve to seem inseparable,

walking sideways till infinity,

golden adventures alternates,

each games up to sweet swift.

Lessons are learnt in reverse,

moments are enjoyed in another.

Live memories of life they are.


Journey back in time.

Sweet-soar reflections swings.

Live memories of life they are.

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