Dear Katangites,

We trust things are fine. How are preparations for exams? We need no longer tell you of how things work in the University of Ibadan, do we? Away from the light talks, we know something heavy burdens your heart, and that, is the prime reason we decided to write this letter to you.

Conscience is an open wound that only the truth heals. Bound by this sentence strong, we bring you the truth, undiluted.

In the late hours of Sunday, February 2, 2020, a news story infiltrated the quiescent atmosphere of the Great Independence Hall, our very own republic, Katanga. The Administrator-General who was impeached, had eventually been removed from office, and Katangites trooped out in their numbers, bent on knowing what brought about the removal. The background story to this eventual removal from office is as unknown to many as the mathematical x. However, equations would be analysed here, and not only x would be known, but why would be justified.

Mr. Aderibigbe Yusuf was impeached on a five-count charge: violation of the constitution, abuse of power, falsehood to Katangites, financial mismanagement and extortion, and gross misconduct.

Speaking of violation of constitution, Mr. Aderibigbe Yusuf neglected his duty. The constitution expressly states that the Administrator-General is to coordinate the activities of the members of his cabinet. Mr. Yusuf failed in this regard because he did not rein in his horses. Folarin Adepoju Memorial Oratory Contest is an annual event sponsored by the family of late Folarin Adepoju; a way of continually igniting the late Katangite’s eternal flame. This contest was inaugurated in 2018 during the administration of AG Bamidele Emmanuel. To continue this initiative, Mr. Yusuf Aderibigbe and his cabinet decided to hold the debate this session. The Public Relations Officer, Mr. Omale Gabriel, the erstwhile President of the Literary & Debating Society, Mr. Falade Emmanuel, and Mr. Yusuf Aderibigbe commenced the planning of the event for this session. Along the line, Mr. Gabriel, who is constitutionally recognised as the Chairman of the Society, fell out of the planning picture.  Mr. Yusuf, ignoring the importance of the PRO’s presence at any debating-related activity, went ahead to meet with the sponsor (alongside the Society’s erstwhile President). A sum was promised, and on the day the said sum was to be received, both Mr. Yusuf and Mr. Gabriel were unavailable, leaving Mr. Emmanuel to the collection of the promised sum. Mr. Falade claims Mr. Adepoju promised to sponsor half of the initially budgeted N 120, 000, and that this same Mr. Adepoju promised to gift Mr. Emmanuel the sum of N 10, 000 for his efforts notwithstanding the fact that he had not received funds (he had made fliers and started publicising the event).

The sum of N 70, 000 sent to Mr. Emmanuel’s account (because, for reasons known to him, the PRO and Mr. Yusuf, the Hall’s bank account number could not be got), and Mr. Emmanuel transferred N 60, 000 to the Hall’s account. In the end, it was discovered that the initial sum transferred was N 70, 000 and not N 60, 000 as claimed by Mr. Emmanuel and Mr. Yusuf. While Mr. Emmanuel claims that the man explicitly stated he would sponsor only half of the budget (therefore taking N 10, 000 to be the gift he was promised), both the Administrator-General and the PRO were not present on the day the cash was received, and therefore there is no corroboration to his claim. This is the chief reason the PRO was suspended, and it is one of the reasons why Mr. Aderibigbe Yusuf was indicted.

Then, we touch on extortion and financial mismanagement. Until of recent, Administrators-General of our republic Katanga had, amidst their many privileges, the opportunity to allocate deserving Katangites to box rooms. This session, Mr. Aderibigbe Yusuf also had the opportunity. However, things went sour. Mr. Aderibigbe Yusuf sold box rooms at amounts ranging from N 80, 000 to N 120, 000, depending on the size. He went a step further by extorting a floor representative of N 5, 000. He lied to this honourable-elect that allocation of box rooms was no longer guaranteed for honourable members, and that he would help the said honourable member secure a box room at the rate of N 5, 000. There are also shady financial transactions which have not been fully made clear due to the ongoing auditing of the Hall’s students’ government. Still under financial mismanagement and extortion, Prof. Ayangunna, the Hall’s former Hall Warden donated N 9, 000 to Katangites on his appointment as a professor. The sum was meant for the purchase of 3 kegs of palm wine. Mr. Aderibigbe Yusuf removed N 1, 000 from the sum, and lied at several occasions, including on the floor of the House, that the amount he received was N 8, 000.

During the Students’ Union electioneering process, the Hall’s Stakeholders’ Forum requested that 3 kegs of palm wine be bought for Katangites at the rate of N 2, 500 per keg. Mr. Aderibigbe Yusuf collected N 3, 000 for each keg bought, yet rendered N 2, 500 to those who bought the kegs of palm wine. The production of the Hall package was also mismanaged. The Hall’s Legislative Assembly approved a sum of N 500 per book for the production of 1, 100 notebooks and N 350 per knapsack for 1, 100 knapsacks, after Mr. Aderibigbe Yusuf had presented samples from tenders rendered by contractors. Package production happened, and the book produced was substandard to the amount approved (this was affirmed by 7 different contractors who were contacted). Beyond the substandard production, Mr. Yusuf failed to give the approved number of packages to workers in the Hall (the supervisors, porters, the Hall Warden, and Assistant Hall Wardens).  

Gross misconduct is another charge levelled against Mr. Aderibigbe Yusuf, chief of which was his action at the Department of Psychology. Mr. Yusuf, who is (perhaps was) the general class representative for the 400-level class, was asked to go purchase a lecturer’s missing textbook on behalf of his class. When Mr. Yusuf and his accompanier reached the Technical University, they were given the textbook for free, in reverence of the lecturer. However, Mr. Aderibigbe Yusuf collected N 100 per student from over a hundred students, claiming he bought the textbook. At that time, Mr. Aderibigbe was the number one Katangite, and he bore the Hall’s logo and arms on his shoulders. Another misconduct of Mr. Yusuf’s is his break into the Junior Common Room. Mr. Aderibigbe Yusuf, at that time when members of the exco were still relatively privileged, went to the porter’s lodge to get the key to the Junior Common Room. He handed this key over to someone else, and when he really needed to go into the Common Room, the person was unavailable. This made him break into the common room. This singular act of his is the reason members of the executive council can no longer get the key to the Common Room without having dropped their identity card(s).

Mr Yusuf Aderibigbe abused the power conferred on him as Administrator-General of our republic, by refusing the electoral commission— a body performing functions geared towards the continued progression of the Hall— the use of the exco secretariat. The proposed use of the secretariat did not coincide with any of the executive council’s meetings, so, the refusal was unfounded.

Progress is always the prayer of anyone person. On electing Mr. Aderibigbe Yusuf as the Administrator-General of the Great Independence Hall, Katangites sought nothing but progress. While we can pinpoint a sprinkle of achievements: the organisation of a freshers’ welcome and the delivery of the hall package, Mr. Aderibigbe Yusuf’s time as Administrator-General was largely characterised by an unfounded impunity that tilted largely towards the dangerous zone. He rode so high in the skies on the wings of myriad of misacts that he nosedived when he had thought he was beyond reach. Dear Katangites, it would not have been strange to us if you had expressed displeasure the moment you sighted that news, while you sought warmth beneath the fluffiness of your coverlet. We would not have blamed you, for it is expected, seeing that Mr. Yusuf was anointed, and that you, alongside your brothers, our fellow Katangites, trooped out to vote for him. However, when a leader rides so high, throwing caution to the wind and thinking nothing of the extent to which the rippling effects of his actions could affect you, dear Katangites, such leader no longer merits being called a leader; such leader no longer being your leader, for his actions can well be said to be contrasting to the progressivist ideals we hold so dear. It was on this basis that Mr. Aderibigbe Yusuf was stripped of his rank as the Administrator-General of this republic. This is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

May our elephantine paces never turn to minuscule ant tracings.

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