‘Adebayo Faleti is a man of many worlds,’ says Prince Dele Odule


By Kareem Shamsudeen

Dele Odule

Prince Dele Odubamidele Odule, a veteran actor and the immediate past president of Theatre Arts and Motion Pictures Producers Association of Nigeria (TAMPAN), has said Adebayo Faleti, the cultural icon, scholar, actor and author, is a man of many worlds, and all his worlds bother on creativity.

He also mentioned that Pa Adebajo Faleti has published over two hundred books, one hundred articles and journals and his works have been taught in over thirty universities, amongst others, while expounding on the discourse titled: “Adebajo Faleti: Creativity Personified” on Saturday, 25th January, 2020.

Adebajo Faleti, who founded the Oyo Youth Operatic Society in 1944 and whose versatility as an author, actor, administrator, storyteller, historian, poet, amongst several others, made him distinguished and celebrated widely was described by Prince Dele Odule as a “role model.”  He also said: “What made Adebajo Faleti stands out was his ability to combine writing with storytelling.”

He further added that most of Faleti’s works talk about the moral decadence in the society. Expounding on one of Faleti’s classic plays, Basorun Gaa, he said: “He (Faleti) teaches on the repercussion of moral decadence of our society as regards leadership. Although power intoxicates but the end of a tyrant is never a desirable one.”

He, however, lamented on cultural decadence in the society, while serving a note of warning on the negative aftermath of the society that loses its culture. “If you lose your culture, you would probably lose everything,” he warned.

Prince Odule said like D.O Fagunwa, Faleti’s writings left a mark on Yoruba people, culture and both writers were futuristic in their writings. “They were writing and they tried as much to look into the future and that’s the essence of creativity,” he stated.

Speaking on the contextuality of Faleti’s plays, he mentioned that they emphasized on integrity. He also stated that: “One aspect of Faleti that is not pronounced is his ability to see into the future. He was a soothsayer. Apart from Faleti’s creative ability, he was a very talented hunter.”


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