By Gloria Oladeji

At the early hours of Saturday, 18th January, 2020 members of the Nigerian Red Cross Society, UI detachment, carried out a sanitary exercise at Independence Hall dump site, to reduce the health risks of residents owing to polluted environment.

The sanitation was done to commemorate their humanity week and being a society that values human health, part of their aims is to save lives and improve the health of people. In the words of the Commandant, Crosser Iyioluwa Akanji, she mentioned that “the environmental sanitation is far better than the proposed yearly rally as it is more impactful, humanitarian and in line with the societies’ ideology and principles.”

“Crossers,” as the members of this society are known were excited to be part of the humanitarian work when non-members came to assist them. The University physical planning unit also joined them to transport the heaps from the site to hasten the exercise. This issue of a dump site closely located to a hall-of-residence was condemned in the Students Union press release.

However, the Physical Planning Unit has said the university management are concerned about the health of the students, only that the dump site when cleared becomes an eyesore after two days. A “Crosser” thus suggested that the university management should provide a larger waste collector at that location for cleaners and those living around to empty their wastes instead of just emptying it on the floor.

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