“How about another shot?” She gave him flirty eyes.

A female bartender. He’d been to a hundred clubs and yes, there were female waitresses, but never had he really seen one tending the bar. She eluded the suggesting aura that the other waitresses gave by a mere inch. Perhaps it was the fact that he was seeing less cleavage than he normally would on waitresses. He also considered the feeling he was getting to know more about this girl as a reason for seeing her as different. This night, he chose to work with that feeling.

”No, thanks. I was just leaving.” He downed the shot in front of him in one gulp and shoots up from his chair.

He makes his way toward the door in fewer strides than expected. The best part about coming to the same club 3 nights in a row? You get recognised and get drinks on the house. He makes his way out of the club but comes to a halt 3 steps out of the door.

”Yo! When does this shift close for you workers over here?” He leaned in to the bouncer and asks.

On days like this, he’s grateful for his physique. He’s nowhere as large as a bouncer but large enough so that it isn’t strenuous to whisper into a bouncer’s ears without much effort. The bouncer he asks scrutinizes him.

”Excuse me. I’m Dafe. I’m just asking because I have my eye on a little someone in there and she’s most likely not going to leave until the party’s over. Which, basically, is the end of this shift. So…” He drifted off, uncomfortable because of the way the bouncer’s eyes are roving him. ”….she’s a real party animal. I know.”

He was not sure what exactly his saving grace was but he chooses to believe it was how harmless he looked. Whatever it was, he had no idea but he thanked his stars that the bouncer answered him because he really had no money for a bribe.

”By 4am, everyone should be out.” The bouncer’s voice was husky. Expected, yes, but still husky.

He didn’t say anything after and that was Dafe’s cue to leave. He walked to his car and upon getting in, he sunk into the chair. Dazed as he was, he fell asleep.

It was 3:15 am when he jolted awake. He was even convinced that his guardian angel was the one who woke him because as soon as he got his bearing, he noticed the lady bartender that perplexed him so much walking out of the club in a hoodie and sweatpants. If he didn’t notice her face, he would have never believed that the figure was someone walking out of a night club.

The fact that he slept in an unlocked car on the street did not bother Dafe. All that was on his mind was catching up to the pretty bartender. He ignited the engine and drove toward the girl. He ensured that he was fast enough to catch up with her but slow enough not to scare her. As soon as he caught up with her, he parked next to her. He wound the window down and called out to her.

”Fine boy from the bar?” She said as she recognised him.

Dafe laughed. ”How about a ride?” He asked her smoothly.

It was against her better judgement so she stood there looking at him. Wonder was written all over her face. The wonder, however quickly morphed to recognition as soon as she saw the lanyard hanging from his rearview mirror.

”You’re a UIte?” She asked him in a voice laced with excitement.

”Yeah, I am.” Dafe chuckled. ”Are you?

”Absolutely. 200 level Chemistry. You?” She asked him.

”300 level, statistics.” His eyes roamed her. ”How cone I’ve never seen you around. I’d definitely recognise a girl like you.”

She giggled. ”I’m not much of an outside or social person.”

”So says the girl who tended the bar I was all night.” As soon as the words escaped his mouth, he wished he could take it back because the change in the girl’s countenance was quite a lot.

”I didn’t mean it like that. I just meant…” She interrupted him.

”It’s fine. I’m Abigail and I need to go because I have a test the day after I get back to school.”

TEST! The word rung more than a bell in Dafe’s head. He stiffened as realisation hit him that he was going to be back in school as soon as the weekend was over.

”Uhm. I didn’t get your name…” Abigail drifted.

Dafe jolted back into reality. ”I’m Dafe.” He mustered a smile.

He was still drawn to this pretty bartender even if she just happened to remind him of a truth he had been avoiding.

”Are you still passing on the ride?”

”Perhaps a raincheck?”

”That sounds like you hope you’ll see me in school.” He smirked.

”Shouldn’t I?” She started walking again; this time at a faster pace.

Dafe wondered if she was thinking she could outrun a car. He relaxed back into his seat and watched her walk away. At a certain distance, she looked back. She gave him a small smile and a wave which he returned. He sat in his seat and thought about the night. His thoughts hovered around her statement about the tests.

Was she really studying despite being home and apparently even having a job?

Was he the only clown who promised himself a holiday that had a touch of studying but had nothing of the sort?

Was he really ready for what the month and the rest of the semester was bringing to him?



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