“There is an agenda for every fake news you see” – INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST

By Akanni Moshood

Dotun Akintomide, a seasoned investigative journalist and Editor at News Diplomat made this known at an annual workshop organised by AFAS Press Organization titled “Fitting into the 21st century Journalism”, which held on Saturday, November 16, 2019 at the Small Lecture Theatre of the Faculty of Arts, UI. According to Mr. Akintomide, any fake news out there could be sponsored, or simply propagated with the aim of getting more followers.

While presenting his keynote speech titled “Fitting into the 21st century Journalism: the ABC of the Dos and Don’ts”, Dotun admonished the participants to practise journalism as professionals who will only spread nothing but the truth.
“People should look at the content and say this is coming from a genuine source … that it is reliable”, he said.

The investigate journalist also encouraged the participants to get the right education if they are to excel in the field and look beyond what they are currently studying in school. According to him, “Journalism is a doing field and people want to see results”.
Dotun, after pushing the young participants to start early while on campus and get a right mentor who is an ethical journalist, also encouraged them to embrace digital technology.
“Put yourselves on digital platforms. Use your social media to make people know about your personality”, he admonished.

The workshop is an annual event organized by AFAS Press Organization, and this year’s edition was graced by the likes of Dr. Yinka Egbokare, a Communication and Language Expert who spoke about “Language Usage and Common Errors in Journalism”, as well as Miss Jennifer Uloma Igwe, an Award-winning Environmental Journalist and Broadcaster that took the third lecture titled “Carving a Niche in Environmental/Broadcast Journalism”

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