By Diyaolu Tolulope

The Legendary Jaw War Debate Contest which started on Saturday, 9th November, 2019 continued on Thursday 14th of November, with the 14 faculties of the University competing on a knockout stage to see who will move straight to the quarter finals.
The faculty round of the contest which held at the Faculty of Science New Faculty Lecture Theater was filled to the brim with patriotic students of faculties who came all out to support their faculties.

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine went against Pharmacy on the topic: “Should Nigerian Prisons be privatized?” With the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine coming victorious with a total of 68.08 points. The ‘Techites’ came in full force against the newly founded Faculty of Economics in the topic: “Better system of grading university students: CGPA system or sessional result” with the Faculty of Technology winning with a total of 71.25. Faculty of Education who were the best loser of the day went against the Faculty of Clinical Sciences on the topic “Should Society be mandated to accept change in Sexual Identity?” the faculty of Clinical Sciences won with a total of 74.58 points.

Faculty of Dentistry fell prey to the Faculty of Law on the topic “Is Entrepreneurship a viable solution to solving unemployment in Nigeria?” with the Faculty of Law winning with 72.08 points. The Faculty of Arts came out victorious against Basic Medical Sciences with a total of 73.25 points the topic: “Current Measure of Academic Excellence: Sufficient?”. The Social Sciences battled the Faculty of Public Health on the topic “Should the Nigerian Government detach entirely from Religion”, the faculty of Social Science came out victorious with a total of 66.25 points. The final battle was between Agriculture and Science with the faculty of Science coming victorious with a total of 68.75 points after debating on the topic “State Police: the solution to Nigeria’s Insecurity issues? “.

One of the Speakers from the faculty of Clinical Sciences, Nwazuoke Chosom Anastasia fainted few minutes after starting her speech, she was later rushed out of the hall to receive medical attention and despite worries from faculty mates and friends, she returned back fully recovered and gave her speech perfectly well.

While giving the results of the speeches, the judges stated that although the joy of the program was gotten from the punchlines and mild insults, still judging the debates would be based on credible facts and delivery of the speakers.

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