By Kareem Shamsudeen

The third round of Jaw War which was the second leg for the Hall Category saw the above halls escorted out of this year’s edition of the debate competition. The debate which held on Friday November 15, 2019 at the New Lecture Theatre, Faculty of Science, became a historic one because halls which many students believed could never advance past the preliminaries came back stronger to crush their opponents, even when they had been defeated in the first leg. And some halls that had been defeated in the first leg were crushed again by their opponents.

In the first leg, Bello Hall had defeated Awo Hall but the latter crushed the former overwhelmingly to seal the ticket for the quarter-finals, which was to the dismay of Bellites. Both halls locked horns on the topic: Unpaid Internships: Justified?

Lord Tedder Hall crushed Mellanby Hall again to prove their superiority. Mellanbites had hopes when they brought Ayeni Otito-Jesu hoping for a miraculous comeback, but unfortunately, the first speaker for Mellanby Hall, Desmund Efe-khaese, forgot his speech. Leveraging on this, speakers of Tedder Hall crumbled the speakers from Mellanby Hall to ensure a deserving win. Both halls debated on the topic: Reinstatement of Students Union in Nigerian Universities: Necessary?

Nnamdi Azikwe Hall silenced Queen Elizabeth hall to show that as much as they are aroistic, they are intellectuals as well. Zik Hall won both the first and second leg of the round, and Adeyemo Mary, who spoke for Queens Hall did not change matters. Both halls spoke extensively on the topic: Youthquake; The Solution to Nigeria’s Political Maladies?
The Great Independence Hall sent Alexander Brown Hall back to UCH to train effectively for Jaw War next year. It was a fierce debate between the speakers from these halls, and in the end the Kantagites prevailed. Both halls challenged each other on the topic: Should Africa Priotize the Fight against Climate Change?

Fortunately, Kuti Hall bounced back from their first defeat to Queen Idia Hall, and crushed their opponents in the second leg. The speakers from Kuti Hall in their articulate speech proved superiority to their opponents. However, luckily, Queen Idia Hall qualified as best loser to narrowly qualify for the quarter-finals.

The results of the second leg for the Hall category which are in aggregate are: Bello Hall 66 vs. Awo Hall 67.96, Nnamdi Azikwe Hall 67 vs. Queen Elizabeth Hall 64.65, Lord Tedder Hall 64.19 vs. Kenneth Mellanby Hall 59.63, Queen Idia Hall 68.32 (Best Loser) vs. Ransome Kuti Hall 68.98 and Alexander Brown Hall 65.66 vs. Great Independence Hall 65.86.
The quarter finals for the Hall Category would hold on November, 20 while that of the Faculty Category would come up on November, 22.

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