By Kareem Shamsudeen

On Saturday, November 9 2019, the New Faculty Lecture Theatre, Faculty of Science was filled to its brim as the largest debating competition widely known as “Jaw War” kicked off. The theme for this year’s edition is Africa: Dark Continent; stepping into the Light and the arguments from various halls of residence as well as faculties would address the theme, while proffering solution where necessary.
The first round of the event was for the Hall Category where various halls went against one another and each trying to prove superiority through well-defined speeches. The winner of the last edition of Jaw War, Sultan Bello Hall competed with Awo Hall on the topic; VAT increase in Nigeria: justified? Alexander Brown Hall went against Independence Hall on the topic; Should there be a child birth restriction policy in Nigeria? Kenneth Mellanby Hall and Lord Tedder Hall argued on the topic; Introduction of tuition into Nigerian tertiary institution, justified or not? Queen Idia Hall and Ransom Kuti Hall both locked horns on the topic: Is distance learning an effective mode of education? While Zik Hall challenged Queens Hall on the topic: Should university degrees be compulsory for political office holders?
After a fiercely educating debate, Bello, Zik, Idia, Indy and Tedder halls won for the first round. However, the points for each pair are: Sultan Bello Hall 68.42 vs. Obafemi Awolowo Hall 66.42, Queen Idia Hall 71.4 vs. Ransome Kuti Hall 69.3, Nnamdi Azikwe Hall 66.6 vs. Queen Elizabeth Hall 63.3, Alexander Brown Hall 62.9 vs. Great Independence Hall 67.4, and Lord Tedder Hall 63.3 vs. Kenneth Mellanby Hall 62.1.
The judges however gave the speakers the modalities to watch out for such as time management among others, in preparation for the next round to avoid losing points. The next round of the Jaw War would be for the Faculty Category and it is slated for November 14 but the return leg for the Hall Category would be on November 15.

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