At first, it was thought of as child’s play simply because the union is coming out of proscription; but from what is apparent, it is beyond the usual game of numbers. When it was said that the school is a micro setting of the bigger society, the bittersweet political drama of the university of Ibadan must have been envisaged. From the look of things, the more students look, the less they see. In a nutshell, the race to secure an executive position in the Kunle Adepeju building is now an abracadabra.

Prior to this moment, the e-space was scuffled with campaign graphics and broadcasts of a gender balanced race for the Buhari-like seat of the students’ union, surprisingly, in what seems to be playing out of late is the gradual diffusion of one of the aspirants’ campaign from a region of higher concentration to a region of lower concentration on the publicity meter. Again, not too long ago, of the aspiring aspirants from the Nnamdi Azikwe hall, one was endorsed and the others ‘un-endorsed’, yet, it seems one of the un-endorsed is miraculously experiencing osmosis in campaigning and also gaining momentum through the semi permeable membrane of electorates.

Looking away, though not a Marlian, one can’t absolutely look away from the brouhaha that emanated from what could be termed dirty politics engaged in by some aspirant and/or their supporters. Of a truth, politics is politics irrespective of where it is played, still, the bitter part should be for those with nothing to offer in office and the ones whose only reason for contesting is to showoff and reap from where they do not show. If it can get to the point of vandalizing co-aspirants’ banner or poster, then the electorates and electoral officers may as well prepare for buying of votes, snatching of ballot boxes and rigging of the entire election processes.

Oh goodness! It just came to mind now that one must take a visit to the faculty that lifted Jaw War’s trophy last session. It’s not because of Jaw War but because of the twist political gimmick is taking there. By now it must have spread wild that while some others are campaigning by telling students what they will do, two aspirants in that Faculty have left their antecedents to do the talking. One claimed to be a radio and from his look and records, he is a certified radio indeed (lol); and the other, right from his fresher’s days have been on top of the social and welfare activities of his department and faculty. Pardon the author, he is not to mention names but your duty to find out who they are.

Although one may have to endure the unending bastardization of WhatsApp groups, halls of residences, facilities and public places with posters and broadcast messages till the later part of the month when the election will be conducted, it is assumed that students are adult that can decide and take responsibility for the outcome of their decisions. There’s little the author can do to influence or adjust your decision owing to the fact that a word for the wise is enough.
OLUWATOYIN Betterdays is a 400 level student of the department of Arts and Social Sciences Education in the Faculty of Education, University of Ibadan. He is a writer and student journalist and can be reached via +2347010124528.

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