UCJ: Good Morning Ma, kindly introduce yourself please?
VP Aspirant: I am Oluwatobi Eniola, 400 level Faculty of Law, a resident of Queens Hall.
UCJ: It is known to us as students of the University that you are vying for the position of the Vice President of the Student Union. What brought about your interest in student government?
VP Aspirant: Basically, apart from my strong interest in being a voice of my people, I’ve been like that since secondary School, especially when a voice is lacking and make sure things are in order. I have a strong passion for service to humanity. Having gone through the constitutional duties of the Vice President, I think it suits me best.
UCJ: If you find yourself in a situation where you had to choose between your values as a person, for instance being economical with the truth and promoting the interest of the Union, what would you do?
VP Aspirant: So basically, I don’t think I would find myself in a situation where I would be economical with the truth. There shouldn’t be any reason to lie. I mean, there are better ways to address the Management or a superior. Instead of telling lies, one could just avoid the subject and then find something more appealing.
UCJ: Thank you Ma. So miss Tobi, why the office of the Vice President and not the President of the Student Union?
VP Aspirant: Okay basically, the way we can’t explain what water tastes like, I find myself attracted to the office of the Vice President. I said something earlier about having gone through the constitutional duties and with my close relationship with several Student Union Administrations over the years and the potential innovations that are attached to the office of the Vice President, I think it suits me.
UCJ: Alright
VP Aspirant: Looking at the Office of the Vice President, it is a significant one to the Union because that is the only office that has the constitutional duty of advising the President. No other office had that opportunity. Depending on the personality of the Vice President, the Vice President is more like the brain of the Union. That’s where my interest lies. Looking at things like heading the Academic committee, things I love to do.
UCJ: That’s good to know. So what if your interests are not supported by the President? How would you react to this?
VP Aspirant: Sincerely I do not envisage such a situation. For anyone to be interested in being the Student Union President, the person definitely has the interest of students at heart. I can boldly say that I have the interest of students at heart and that is my major motivation. We can find better means of executing our plans.
UCJ: Okay and if it’s the interests of the President not suiting yours, would you do the same?
VP Aspirant: I don’t foresee it. I am a kind of person that is a goal-getter. I don’t let go, be it emotional or any way, I would always find my way around it.
UCJ: Do you as an individual have a role model, someone you look up to even outside the University system. Someone you admire in terms of attitude or leadership?
VP Aspirant: Well, I really admire the Late Gani Fawehinmi. You see, growing up, I liked his personality, He had zero tolerance for violation of human rights. He had the interest of humanity at heart. He is someone whose life had really inspired me.
UCJ: What’s your opinion on restructuring the University environment. We know that the Student Union Building hasn’t been in use for a while now. What’s your opinion on that?
VP Aspirant: Of course, the Student Union Building should be renovated. That is non-negotiable. I’ve been there a couple of times. It’s needs that. As regards the renovation ongoing in the school, I would like to commend the Management. That’s really thoughtful of them. It shows that the Management at this period has the interest of students at heart. However, for instance in my hall, we have plumbing issues. We need to call the attention of the Management.
UCJ: Do you hold any position in the University System, or off the University, in the society?
VP Aspirant: No, apart from being a member of several committees and heading the committees. I was the Head of the Welfare committee of the last administration in my Faculty. I’ve worked closely with every administration at the Student Union level and in my Hall.
UCJ: Some students might have difficult in expressing themselves. As their would-be leader, How would you intend to make people speak up so you can represent them better?
VP Aspirant: You see, except it is an absolutely personal issue, issues will always be expressed in some form especially if it is general. There would be someone who can express these issues. And of course the personal issues are also the business of the Union, measures would be put in place to address every issue.
I don’t stay in Awo Hall but I was able to deduce that they had issues with transportation and I worked on it as soon as I got to know, even without holding a position at the time. So, there would always be a way.
UCJ: Thank you so much, Miss Tobi. How would you as an individual react to people pushing their interests to you?
VP Aspirant: It depends on what I’m asked to do. Basically, that is what I stand for, what my people want. Is it rational? Is it feasible? As long as it is not the wrong thing. Sometimes you have people agitating for things that are wrong. When that happens, you have to show them that what they are asking for is not possible and it would be at their detriment.
UCJ: How do you balance academics with other engagements. You mentioned that you were in committees. How do you intend to balance your personal life with other activities including this position of the Vice President if elected?
VP Aspirant: There’s something I say. Even if one is not holding any position, one cannot study for 24 hours. It is not humanly possible. I know myself and the hours to work. The hallmark of a great leader or leadership is knowing what to do. And I think over the years I’ve been able to decipher that.
UCJ: What’s your Opinion on the Health System in the University. Some students find that a sensitive issue?
VP Aspirant: I do. I’ve been a victim. I’d just say that we need a better Management as regards the health sector of the University. We need more doctors. We need to make our doctors understand that they cannot be lackadaisical. We don’t want to lose people. Measures should be put in place to ensure this.
It is one issue I set to prioritize. A student that does not have a good health cannot study. So, first of all we need to check the administration. We, the Student Union government would have a strong relationship with the Management.
UCJ: Thank you Ma for your time.

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