By Brownie_vocal

Rebecca gives a small smile and shrugs.

She already explained that Bolu had somewhere to be – even if that was a lie – then why was he still pushing it?

Baby boy, she left so we could have ourselves. Why do you still want her in this equation?’ Rebecca thinks to herself and it is a battle to keep her from blurting it out. Thankfully, it’s a battle she is winning.

“Uhm. So, how are you?” She tries to make small talk.

“I’m great. Very good.” He sits next to her.

This singular action puts her belly in knots. She inhaled him and didn’t recognise the scent. Normally, she could tell what hallway he passed just by his scent. This one, however, she can’t attribute to him. Did he change his cologne? It’s not like she has anything against the scent. Actually, it wasn’t bad at all. She just can’t deal with not knowing him with just one whiff.

“You changed your cologne?” She decides to ask.

“Huh?” The question catches Raymond off guard. “You can tell?” He finally lets out after his brain is done processing.

“It was very…” She drifts off. “…peculiar.” She says and looks at him with a smile.

She catches his eyes on her while he is sporting a smile as well. Their smiles seem to mirror each other and they hold it for a while until Rebecca bursts into laughter. Raymond lets out a laugh too.

“Why are you laughing?” She asks in between giggles.

“I don’t know. Why are you?” He asks too. It seems as though he is having more success keeping his laugh down.

“Because you are.” She leans toward him still laughing.

They both just laugh for a moment. The laughing dies down but they still have smiles on their faces.

They heard music blaring. It is quiet at first but gets louder as a truck gets closer. A closer look and they realise it’s a rally truck for a campaign of one of the Student Union aspirants. Rebecca hisses.

“Don’t you think these SU people are doing too much?” She asks and turns to look at Raymond.

He is no longer looking at her. His focus is on the moving truck while he fidgets in his seat.

“Uhm…” She thinks of talking to him as he seems so distracted and the music from the truck is very loud.

She chooses to believe that the music is the reason he didn’t hear her and that he’s just into the ginger of the rally. She touches his hand to bring his attention back to her. He jerks his head to face her and she catches a glint in his eye; one whose meaning she’s uncertain of.

“ Are you alright?” She asks.

“Uh…yeah…sure.” His attention is on the truck that is moving away from them slowly.

He longs to be there. That was the glint in his eye. She understands that now.

“You wanna go with the rally?” She asks.

“Yeah yeah yeah.” He stutters. “It’s just that the guy, yeah, he’s my guy. I gats go support.” He looks at her with pleading eyes.

“I totally get.” She gives a small smile and nods.

“Bye?” He half says, half asks.

“Bye.” Her smile is wider.

With one nod, he’s on his feet and sprinting in the direction of the moving truck. She watches as he catches up to those in the rally in no time since the rally is moving quite slowly. She sees him pass handshakes from person to person; some, he even gives a brotherly hug. She stands, subconsciously dusts her skirt and makes to leave.

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