By Owoeye Williams

How about making a workout resolution that will eventually work out?

First off, let’s make a toast to all those fitness and health goals we made at the beginning of the first semester only to stab them in the back when exams came with all its pressure and stress, cheers! Trust me, I also share in your sentiment that those end days are not when someone should add any other sweat to their day even though we both know that’s just a lie we keep telling ourselves.

You will still sweat anyway, except you have a wheelchair that takes you everywhere and is air-conditioned. What still remains shocking to me is how just 30 minutes of our day became so valuable we could not afford to spare. I tried to rationalize that but hey, it’s the season of exams when everything is heightened and at hyper state but then, it is just half of an hour for crying out loud! What about those junks, (yes, it’s confession time) that we promised we will cut down on their consumption?  But we needed the sugar from the Pepsi, Bigi, Smoove and Coke to fuel us through the TDBs, right? The snacks and blank noodles too are always lifesavers I have to mention; they also double as time doublers – irresistible, straight to the point and yummy. But we totally ignored the fact that we are what we eat, didn’t we? We legitimately signed a deal to be junks throughout the whole exam period and pretended like it’s all cool.

It’s a move, Loki, the god of deception himself, would be proud because the game doesn’t get better than self-deception. Anyways, it is a brand new semester, crisp and teeming with opportunities, a blank slate to write our fulfilled health and fitness goals. As we ask our bodies for forgiveness and we are absolved of our various past shortcomings. Let us go and sin no more!

I am always of the opinion that nature did us a great deal of disservice by giving us eyes that can see so much of what is going on around us in our external environment but we can see nothing about what is going on inside our body. If only we could see as our livers ‘choke’ on the excess alcohol we consume or we could see as our lungs get damaged by those smokes we inhale. If we could see how the junks we eat make us junks or how exercise makes our system strong, and we could see into the body of others to compare how we fare, we would be reasonable enough to make better health choices. Sadly, this is not so, at least for we that use the naked unaided eyes. Fortunately, science and technology has given scientists that have probed into the components of the body an insight into what goes on in there.

It has been established that an average of 30 minutes we sacrifice in a day to work out will give us immense returns which include: giving you happiness through the work of feel-good chemicals, strong muscles and bones to climb those stairs and lifting those buckets without tiring, a boost for our mental health and memory, reduction in risk of chronic diseases that can make our lives miserable and an increase in our energy level to make us radiate with vibes. Therefore, if you are already wearing this tag of Fit-fam, it is not a lost cause and if you are yet to get your tag, it is not too late to become one. It is a decision you will never regret.

Every individual has their unique reasons for working out ranging from the possible to the least likely; some do it simply for the health benefits. Some do it so their hips can fit into the next size of their wears. For some, it’s to get that hourglass shape. Others do it to lose weight and get flat tummies. Whatever the reason for working out could be, the crux is that if it is done right, it is good for the body and your body will thank you for it.

As the second semester approaches with its flurry of activities but short lifespan, it is expedient that we share with ourselves motivational words so they can fuel us to achieve our fitness goals and not backslide when the going gets tough. I will not be trying to pull an Invictus Obi move. We all know we need to perspire before we acquire this fitness we desire but, it is easier said than done. If it were to be so easy, it would not be called a work.

Here are few things to bear in mind as you go in your quest towards a gratifying fitness:

  1. Don’t listen to jeers

 Be it from friends or enemies, pay no attention to them. Their remarks are either borne out of sheer ignorance or jealousy. They will likely say things like, “why are you in this condition with just enough to feel your tummy and you are busy wasting and sweating out those foods?”  Science already has a reply for them. It has been established that working out does close to nothing at making you lose weight (apologies to our brethren who thought this is a way to get slim) but a fact remains what it is even if we don’t like it. The effective way of losing weight is actually to adjust your diet, working out mainly strengthens the body and mind. So brethren, wear this Fit-fam tag proudly for this path we have chosen is one that leads to vitality.

  • If you want to work fast, work alone but if you want to work far, work in a group:

One thing that differentiates us from robots is our emotions. It controls the decisions we make and sometimes that may not be the best for us. So, it’s understandable if some days you don’t feel like hitting the asphalt with your jogging boots or the floor with your skipping ropes but surrounding yourself with people that share your ideas about fitness could be the saving grace you need on such days. It is wise to build your fitness goals with your friends, floor mates, roommates and colleagues, this way you will all be able to challenge and motivate one another to achieve your goals and the chance that everyone in the group will have zero will to push on is very slim. Do have in mind, however, that it is advisable to maintain a small circle except you are trying to lead a fitness revolution.

  • Set the bar low and start small

The main reason for classification is easy identification. Not all times do things we have classified fit into the box we have placed them. This is the way standards also work, they are there as a guide, not a mould. It is said we should exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes a day but you do not need to break your back with the aim of achieving this if it doesn’t fit into your schedule. You can start at 4 or 5 times a week if that’s what you can afford for a start. What you should not however forget is consistency and progress, they are important as your body gets used to the positive change you’re imposing on it and needs to get more for continuous development.

  • Use Technology

 When we spend too much time with our phones and gadgets, they eat into time we ought to use for other things in our life. Sometimes they are the reason we keep skipping those workout routines. A way of going around this is to integrate our routines into our gadgets because there is no better way of improving at your weakness than to weaponize it and carve out a tool that will help you. Several apps are available that can be downloaded. Worthy of mention are those made by Samsung and iPhone. Make enquiries to know which one will work for you.

On a parting note, remember that diet and exercise work hand in hand towards achieving a sound body and mind. Two doughnuts eaten within 10 minutes require 2 hours of cycling to lose. Don’t eat junks so you don’t become junk.

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