POEM: What We Bargained For


At the shed where we hide
We are far away from the tide.
‘We are safe’. We say in our heart
As we dance and sing to a new start,
We dance, we sing with a new rigour
Let the drums roll as we await what we bargained for.
There came a ray of hope,
Piercing through the darkness in our homes.
‘Alas! Our creator has found us.’ We say.
Our gold shall not rust,
Our joy shall not become dust.
As the mantle of leadership was handed to our choice,
Great plans we began to make without pause
Still awaiting what we bargained for.

Still awaiting what we bargained for,
Standing in the midst of ruins;
Grinning from ear to ear,
Suffering and smiling.
Looking like dumb men
As we watch with empty skulls at their protruding bellies
‘They are going to serve us.’ We say, befooling ourselves.

We watch as our smiles become tears.
We curse through gritted teeth with fear.
We watch with frailty as our leaders drift apart,
Swaying from side to side in their expensive agbadas.
Voice thickened.
As they pounce greedily on the national cake,
A double chin becoming triple.
Our songs have become wailing.
Our dance steps have become fragile.
We feed on the crumbs of the imbecile;
Alas! This was not what we bargained for.
Waiting with bulged eyes for a whole score.
‘Is this democracy or what?’
We ask ourselves with folded arms.
As blood being spilled and our flesh has been left to rot,
Democracy? Where our leaders have gone crazy chasing a wild craze,
Democracy was indeed our ray of light when we got weakened and gave up the fight.


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