Tall Fair Motivation


“Said every Nigerian student ever, Rebecca.” Bolu says while she stifles a laugh.
“I’m serious, guy. Whether or not last semester’s result was good, I’ll do better.” Rebecca says. “If it was bad, like I think it is, I’ll do better to ensure this session isn’t a total flop and…”
“And when book of life is out, and you see that last semester wasn’t a total failure, you’ll give up on this new semester resolution.” Bolu interrupts.
“No jooooor!” Rebecca whines. “Guy, I really mean it.” She says convincingly though it seems she’s trying to convince herself more than she is to Bolu.
“Shior.” Bolu chuckles. “Me, I’m not even going to deceive myself. Na when book of life come out I go know whether I wan serious this semester.”
“I can’t do that. Raymond is on a first class. I did my research. He’d only want similarly smart girls na.” Rebecca whines again. Bolu bursts into laughter.
“So you’re telling me that you only want good grades because of a boy?” Bolu’s accent is a smooth British one and is quickly replaced by her Nigerian accent as she starts talking again. “Mad o! This boy has found your mumu button. Anyway, motivation comes in different shapes and sizes. It looks like this time, it came as a tall fair boy with pink lips.” Bolu laughs again.
Rebecca is pouting. She hates that Bolu is making fun of her just because she hasn’t ever felt the same thing. Bolu isn’t one that is interested in boys and relationships; not because they’re distracting like everyone says but simply because she thinks a relationship is too much and to Rebecca, Bolu is one of the laziest people on the planet. She’d rather starve than get up to make food sometimes.
“Guyyyy! Do you know how many things are happening this semester!” Bolu sounds hyped. “Student Union has been reinstated and elections are coming. This is the semester that has all the fun. Jaw war, dinner night…” She gasps. “Wait first! Aren’t you in any committee?” Bolu raises a questioning brow at Rebecca.
“Limme joor! I am but don’t people pull it off?” Rebecca asks. “Do you think I can’t pull it off ni?” She returns Bolu’s questioning brow.
“Guy, I never said that.” Bolu raises her hands in an ‘I-mean-no-harm’ gesture. “All I’m saying is if you really wanted to be serious and build your GP, first semester is the time, or, at least, should have been.” She shrugs. “Unless you’re swearing abstinence from all the extracurricular happening this semester which, I know, is not possible. You’re the queen of socialising.”
“Get out. I’ll do it.” Rebecca says firmly. “I’ll even be helping you. You’ll see.” Bolu snickers.
“So motivated, aren’t you?” Bolu mockingly asks.

“You have no idea.” Rebecca gives an innocent smile that depicts more than innocence.
Rebecca means it. She really does want to do well first, for herself, then Raymond and now, she wants to do well to rub it in her best friend’s face that she is a multifaceted wonder that can pull off anything she wanted even while juggling a bunch of other tasks. She silently prays to God to help her this semester because there is so much she needs to do and she doesn’t like to lose. Success. That’s the only option.

“Well, speaking of your tall fair motivation…” Bolu drifts off in her speech and a smile is plastered on her face. “Well, imma leave now.” That sleek British accent is back.
“Guy! Wait first! You want to leave me with him?” Panic is written all over Rebecca’s face.
“Come on Becca, you’ll be fine.” Bolu says still in the sleek accent as she stands.
“But…” Rebecca is interrupted by Bolu whose Nigerian accent is back.
“Abi you want make i help you dey toast boy ni?” Without any more words, Bolu turns in her heels and walks off away from Rebecca.
Bolu gives Raymond a nod as she passes him and he looks at her confused yet offers a smile nonetheless and keeps heading toward Rebecca.
“Hi.” He says when he gets to her with a smile on his face.


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