By Williams Owoeye

Humans have a knack for surrounding themselves with the complexities and sophisticated part of life. We want to know how gravity works. We want to go to the moon and fly in the sky. A plight to make more sense out of our apparently boring life. However, there are actually some little things that gives us a sense of fulfillment, those things that remind us that we are still humans, but unfortunately we ignore them most of the time. Be it the innocent smile of a cute baby, a sincere hug from our loved ones, a caring act born out of sheer selflessness. All these have a way of reaching to the core of our humanity.

This behavior transcends all our day-to-day activities. We would rather buy noodles that has been processed with mechanical and chemical complexities than pick up those green leafy vegetables growing in our backyard. We would rather relay messages through our phones at the expense of meeting eyeball to eyeball when the message could be delivered with its full package of body language and emotional content.

This act also reflects in the way we manage and deal with our health as we see some people refusing to pay ₦100 for an apple a day just to embrace the doctor’s ₦100,000 bill at the end of the month. Despite loud clamour from  various health professionals that we should rather prevent diseases from getting into our body than expend valuable resources in trying to cure them.

Various concerns have also been raised about the ineffectiveness of the drugs we use to cure our diseases and how the pharmaceutical industry should not be totally trusted in the service of mending our broken health but some will still prefer to gamble with their health like it is some small money to be staked at the altar of online betting website.

Nature did us a lot of disservice when it didn’t provide us with enough receptors to know vividly what’s happening inside our body like how it did on the outside. Imagine if it is possible to withdraw our eyes into our body to see how our organs are faring, to see perhaps how weak our kidney has become, how thin our muscles are or the level of blockage we have in our blood vessels; I’m sure we won’t be able to sleep from the bout of nightmares that will follow. Everyone would always stay on their feet to get their health fixed up and maintained. Nature however didn’t leave us without a fix to this predicament, it gave us several alternatives to keep our health in shape without a need to see any physician and they include:


The saying that laughter is the best medicine has been more or less reduced to a cliché in our society today but there are still some people that are out of this world with a high grade of sophistication that believe their laughter is not cheap. Laughter provides you a means to work out the muscles in your stomach without a need to visit the gym. It relieves you of stress that might have accumulated in your body. It makes us feel good because of the chemicals that gets released into our brain and it’s also good for our heart as it strengthens it. Be it an adornment of a smile on our face or a hearty chuckle, laughter should always be a part of our day.


Kissing is a powerful tool in strengthening our social bond and because we are naturally wired to be social beings, it is no surprise nature has a pleasant way of rewarding this act. No one can say precisely when or where the act originated but it has become a global culture, the benefits you get from kissing include; exercising the muscles on your face so it maintains its firm and youthful state, it boosts our immune system as we exchange some beneficial bacteria with our partner and it also relieves us of stress.


This is one of the underappreciated culture in our society. Instinct makes us run away from our fears but psychology has always reminded us that the best way to deal with our fears is not to flee but to face it head-on. Apart from the way scary movies bring us closer to our fears, it also holds healthy consequences for us. It helps us manage anxiety, it relieves stress and gives us adrenaline boost. A way to handle scary movies to manageable level is to watch in the day and with our loved ones.


The beauty of this lies in the way it brings the gym to us. It offers us a break away from the boring routine we do when we work out and ushers into a realm of creativity and expression. Dancing is a combination of all the benefits you get from working out like burning of calories, improved condition of our heart plus the topping of enjoying the fun as you dazzle your friends on the dance floor. Now, before you relegate yourself to the category of those that doesn’t know how to dance, try to learn it first. Tutorial videos can be gotten from the internet. Stand in front of a mirror to rehearse so you know when you are doing it right or wrong

Even though it appears as if we are trapped in the labyrinth of complexity of our own making, nature has in place these little things to help us have a wholesome life. We are the ones that need to do the needful in making sure we are not ignoring them.


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