“Illegal occupants would be processed for SDC” – Dr. Adebiyi

Sequel to the Security porosity on the Campus of the University of Ibadan, several Halls of residence have carried out different measures to clamp down the threat.

Just as it has been done in Obafemi Awolowo Hall, and other female halls that male students are to vacate the halls premises once it’s 8:30 pm, and a Partial Curfew of 12am to 5am placed on staff and students, the Hall warden of Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall, Dr. Olufemi Adebiyi, has also reeled out measures on August 15, 2019 around 4:19pm.

Distributed to a private whatsapp page of the hall, “Issues affecting Zik hall”, the measures reads that:

“Due to recent events of theft and insecurity, all illegal occupants are expected to vacate the hall immediately”

“Porters, excos and security teams will be conducting room to room identification and any student found not to be an official occupant will be processed for SDC”

“Legal occupant harbouring such illegal occupant will face automatic ejection with plea and also be processed for SDC”

“Any room where illegal occupants are found, ALL the legal occupants of such room will be heavily fined without plea”

Occupants are advised to “send out all illegal occupants out of your room or report illegal occupant and his collaborator to the warden within 24hours”, noting that the exercise can be carried out at anytime without notification”, adding that “the use of hot plate is highly Illegal.”

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