The ENACTUS University of Ibadan won the ACT Foundation Leadership Challenge bringing home #400,000 and also made it to the semi-final round of the National Competition.

The ACT Foundation Leadership Challenge supports initiatives which correct erroneous belief systems with the aim of improving the quality of life for society. Project Learn-Again which is an initiative to send out-of-school children back to school and sustainably empower their mothers to ensure continued education of the child won the Leadership Challenge. Project Ido which is one of the projects the team is working on was equally pitched during the National Competition.
The winner of the 2019 National Competition that would represent Nigeria in the World Cup that would take place on the 16-18 of September 2019 at San Jose, California, USA is Covenant University. Their first project- PEP-City uses waste nylons, plastics to make bricks and blocks for road construction and for building.
The 2nd project – Limitless remodels waste tyres to make school sandals for school children thereby preventing tetanus as well as several foot infections.

Enactus UI team

Enactus is an international student organization which focuses on students who take entrepreneurial action that effects a positive change to make the world better. The student body is in 36 countries, Nigeria has 30 institutions with an active ENACTUS team and the University of Ibadan, being a frontier in leading positive impact has a resilient team.

Each year, a national competition and event which brings all ENACTUS team in a country is held. The event creates friendships, network, learning platform and also teams’ compete healthily.

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