Diary of a uite. Episode 2



  ‘Nothing of the best comes short of stress’ has been my mantra ever since I got admission into the prestigious University of Ibadan. Like one of my lecturers would say in her forced british accent ‘You weren’t admitted into the first and the best to lazy around or mess with our labour”. In short, I have started classes. Here I am in my 3rd class today. I have long lost concentration since but the lecturer wouldn’t just get it. Out of 50 students, half of the class heads were already on the desk. Sometimes I really wish to have a good talk with every member of any interview panel when recruitment of lecturers would be going on. There are different kinds of lecturers: The dictator of notes, the unorganized boring lecturer, the storyteller, the fashion police and conservative lecturer, the brilliant but untalented-in-teaching lecturer, the clown and the perfect lecturer.

     “…what have been said are the summary of this course. We would be having presentations and assignments to form your continuous assessment. As the name implies, it is going to be continuous….”

     I check my wristwatch for the upteenth time and triumphantly, it is only a few minutes left. I start collecting my things from the table and within a twinkle of an eye, the lecturer made his way out of the class.

    “Will you wait for the next class?” I ask Tope absentmindedly. She apparently seems to enjoy any class including the boriest class. She’s infact a weirdo.

     “Of course. I don’t like to miss first classes” she reply me still scrabbling words on her note.

     “I’m damn tired. See you later in the hall. I have to feed this soldier unless I want it to invoke the wrath of Ulcer”

       “Silly excuses. I have always asked that you eat before coming to class. So you lied to me this morning huh? Only God knows what you had in your GES.”

  “Yes ma’am. And no! I didn’t lie. I took cornflakes this morning…”

 “Is that even food? God will help you. I will be late for the class if I don’t get going. Are you sure you are not going?” Typical Tope would try to persuade you.

   “No I am not” I reply sternly.

I trail after Tope towards the exit but went in different directions. Also i have to trek to my hall. I miss those days of bikes already.

    The Porter’s lodge is lined up with students lobbying for accommodation. I can not help but think of the times I have been in their situation. It’s really a survival for the fittest. I walk straight down the stairs to the cafeteria.

   ” Hey guys!” I waved at the usual table of 3- Bridget,Chinelo and Maggie. I envy them a lot. They really don’t have much to do in their final year. I got myself three spoons of rice with fish and plantain costing me #200 and moved to join the girls.

    “….Ella is really hitting on Mike.” Chinelo completed her statement as I pushed a seat towards them.

  ” It’s a free world o. Make Mike decides by himself” Bridget answers Chinelo

“Who do you think is going home soon?” I chirp in

   “Team white! Mike or Ike or….”

“Isilomo our grandma” Maggie interrupts and the whole table erupts in laughter.

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