To whom much is given; much is expected.

Indeed, and without doubts, UCJ UI made history when it established and structuralized its alumni body, hence being the first campus journalistic body to do so, despite not being the first campus journalistic body in Nigeria.
The significance of JULY 6 is not just restricted to the day the Alumni body was founded but also the day the goals and aspirations of UCJ UI became broadened. Being a body of sane minds who have witnessed life in the ‘first and the best’, in the country at large and even offshores, it is better positioned to, in the nearest future establish itself as a firm movement for a better Nigeria.

Oh! This was supposed to be a thank you. And yes, a must, it is. On behalf of the executive cabinet and in extension entire members of the Union, we say a big THANK YOU to everyone who made the REUNION a success. To be clearer, special thanks goes to the Ibadan LOC who partnered with us to actualize the Alumni Reunion and the founding of a body for it.

Several talks have mentioned how this particular Alumni Reunion came to be and for posterity sake, I will give full details. As a student of history, and the third History president after Elder Laolu Akande and Professor Sheriff Folarin, I can’t but in details for future purposes put into writing how the Alumni body was birthed on JULY 6.
Shortly after emerging as the 32nd president of UCJ UI, I was having a normal discussion with a friend and brother – Ibrahim Asiwaju, a non-UCJ UI member. He was the General Legal Counsel of Junior Chambers International – UI chapter. It was during this discussion he mentioned that no student organization on campus has the alumni base of JCI. In response, I was contesting this on the basis of the individual enigmas UCJ UI possess when I realize UCJ UI undoubtedly has great individual alumni but not a structure to make for a body that can collectively achieve great things. It was this realization that hit me and precipitated the mandate to get one for the Union.

To start that, we came up with the idea of PASG – Presidential Alumni Support Group which consists of past presidents of UCJ UI and the incumbent. After discussing it with the UCJ UI contemporarily famous J6 and Alagba Arowosafe Samuel, the plan for it was perfected and discussed with Dr Bayo Ajala, Professor Sheriff Folarin and Uncle ‘Fisayo Soyombo who all embraced it and urged for its implementation. Eventually, the online implementation was achieved with a proposal and not less than 26 presidents were added. In the process of enquiring about the past, I met Mr Abraham Oladipupo (2012) and Mr Titiladunayo Daniel (2013) who had each organized reunions during their time. Their efforts cannot go unnoticed. It was in the course of discussion that it was deduced that there hasn’t been adequate follow-ups. This inform the idea to not just have an alumni reunion but a full-blown alumni body with its own executive which will pilot its affairs and will be incorporated as a functional larger body of the student body.

However, the initial plan was to have the PASG homecoming in the first semester (before any event of the Union) and the Alumni reunion in the second semester. Consequent upon the meeting with the Vice Chancellor in which Dr Bayo Ajala, Mr Abraham Oladipupo and Mr Oredola lobbied with the Vice Chancellor to request the reopening of our office at SUB, it was advised that we have both together which sealed the fate… and birthed the ALUMNI REUNION. For record purposes, the first date proposed for the ALUMNI REUNION which was May 15 was moved to June 21 and had to be moved again to accommodate others and eventually, July 6 was picked by the members of the alumni themselves.
That (above), is the short narrative on how UCJ UI alumni body came to be established as a baby. It is indeed a great landmark for the Union as bright prospects could be seen with people linking up again after a very long time. Not only that, the young alumni members were able to connect with their ancestors – the fathers that birthed and groomed UCJ UI before handing it over to us.

Special thanks to the pioneer president of UCJ UI and premier chairman of the alumni body for making this possible to everyone who contributed towards the success of this reunion in cash and kind; those who made out space to attend, those who couldn’t attend owing to urgencies and pressing issues and those who sent their goodwill. We – the 32nd executive council of the Union are indeed enormously grateful to all concerned and hope that the Alumni body can only continue to progress from now.

With regards to the items (Core i7 laptop and printer), we promise to put it to good use and cultivate a very good maintenance culture. We are really grateful for them as they are definitely going to further enhance the functionality of the secretariat and extend support to the local press organizations under the Union.

*** Once all lists are collated, all names of contributors to the ALUMNI REUNION success and total amount realized; donors to the Union and total amount and promises; and attendees will be updated to this publication for effective reference purposes when events of July 6 2019 would have been faint.

Once again, we are very grateful for everything you have done and still doing for the Union.
Thanks, and God bless.

Martins Isaac,
32nd UCJ UI President

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