UI: from Motorcycle to Tricycle- A better option or a one-sided decision?

By – Kunle Sotibi

The most preferred and easiest means of transportation especially in a University environment is hinged on the availability of motorcycles. Over the years, many students have subscribed to this because it is fast and can access more locations compared to motors and tricycles.

It was like a dream when the management of the University of Ibadan took the almighty decision (to students in particular) that motorcycles will be banned and will be replaced with tricycles popularly called ‘Maruwa’ — initially it sounded like a dream but now it appears like it’s going to become a reality. Officially, the University management pronounced that by July 1st motorcycles will no more operate in the university and it replacement will be tricycles which are just like the buses and cars. The truth remains that looking at the geographical description of University of Ibadan, tricycles can not possibly access some location compared to motorcycles.

In the real sense, there are so many dilemma as to this controversial move of the management. Can it be said that the ban of motorcycle and the introduction of tricycles is a blessing to students who are the main victims or a burden on them?

Majority of the people who took the motorcycles were students and no protest of such has happened against the presence of motorcycle on campus. According to management’s stance on the issue that the road accidents caused by those motorcycles prompted their decision, we may say that they are right. But should one cut off one’s head because one has headache? This development will make transportation hard for students.

Let us take a look at a scenario of a student going for a lecture in Faculty of Arts and s/he resides at Obafemi Awolowo hall, normally, s/he will take a motorcycle for 50naira but with this new transport policy if such student needs to meet up with the class without trekking then a drop (which cost #150) will be the only alternative even though it availability maybe scarce at times.

July 1st has officially begun, fingers are crossed to see whether the new transport policy is really a blessing to us or otherwise. A new policy is supposed to bring more benefits, if otherwise then something is wrong.

In other words, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, this is not to condemn the new transport policy, however, the welfare of the students should be of utmost priority.

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