Fashion and Lifestyle: How to combine colours for a great outlook


         By : Lawal M. Aderonke.

We are often faced with the dilemma of what to wear and the great problem lies in how to combine our colours. Little wonder some are mocked and tagged “colour riot”.  Most times you wonder why you or anyone would care about how you look or dress, it is simply due to the fact that the way you dress talks a lot about you. You will often be addressed based on your outlook for instance respect will be given to any man in corporate suit before he could tell that he is an illiterate. What would have been the first impression? You dress to impress and also not to impress people. This is why you must know how to combine your colours. Remember what happened in the first few seasons of “JENIFA” by Funke Akindele and the subsequent seasons. The dress sense changed a lot about the main character even costume makes a work of art colorful and appreciative. Good! Now how do we combine our colours to give a good taste.

Rules of combining Colours in the Fashion World

  1. Determine if you want a monochrome look. This happens when you settle for only a colour from your dress to your shoes to your bag. However, all black might come out awful because of what it depicts in your locality. If you feel too conscious of yourself, break it off with neutral colours.
  2. Know the basic rule of the colour wheel. Only combine complementary colours, that is,colours that are opposite. you can always try analogous colours(colours that are placed side by side on the colour wheel ) as well.
  3. Know your skin colour. The colour wheel is divided into warm and cool colours for instance those with a yellow undertone should opt for a warmer colour.

Finally, Turquiose is said to be the most flattering colour.

            Examples of flaterring colour combinations

  • Red and Green
  • Violet and Yellow
  • Blue and Orange
  • Red and Orange or Yellow
  • Pink and Green or Green and
  • Green and Yellow
  • Pale Blue and Pink
  • Red and Blue        etc.

Remember the way you are dressed is the way you will be addressed.


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