A Welcome Address to the Unsullied Steward

To start with, it is not out of place to still welcome both new undergraduates and postgraduates to school for the commencement of a new academic session. For the stale students, many will admit the last semester of the just concluded last session was stormy with so many truncations or disruption of the academic calendar. And to the students on teaching practice exercise and industrial training who had no break at all, welcome to a new session.

It seems appropriate to assert that the storm of 17/18 session is over and it is time to breathe in the fresh air of 18/19 academic session. The academic journey is like a relay race; one end leads to another beginning until the finish line is crossed. The university community is just like the army barracks where ‘soldiers go and come’, but in our own case, it is students that go (graduate) and come (get admitted).

Some weeks ago, the University students’ community was pervaded with the release/leak of the inglorious and infamous ‘book of life’ that publicize academic misfortune of students: for those that were tsunamized, we wish such was not their fate; for those that were advised to transport themselves from one faculty to another, I wish you the best in your new home; for those whose cumulative grade point average was drained, we wish you bounce back to the top again; and for those whose result climaxed despite the storm, we can’t but wish that the sky is your limit.

Last semester did not only signalled the end of 17/18 academic session, it also drew the curtain on some halls of residences, faculties and departments’ student administration and just before the conclusion of 17/18 session, almost all halls of residence, faculties and departments had their elections with new office holders usherred in. Sequel to the foregoing, I welcome the victors to a new tenure of students associations’ administration. And to the less victorious, I plead with you to imbibe the spirit of sportsmanship and to be of support to the affairs and activities of their respective students’ association.

In the recent past, students have witnessed intra-executives and executive-legislative face-offs which did not end up well for the administration. If only the different arms of student politicians tolerate themselves and accommodate their differences, associations would have been closer to the promise land. Unarguably, students are humans, and are bound to agree and disagree. This is not unconnected to the fact that our choices and opinions differs and our outlook to events varies. However, as intellectuals, office e holders are expected to be a good manager of others’ feelings, emotions and dispositions.

Again, not only have students heard, they have also seen cases whereby some elected or appointed student politicians or officials parade themselves as demigod; ranking themselves higher and tagging others as ordinary students. I wish to use this medium to remind any of the current office holders willing to do the same that without the mandate of the ordinary students, they can’t clinch the title and without the dues of the ordinary students, they wouldn’t have had any business with the secretariat.

As of last week, some associations have had their freshers welcome or hangout and some other administrative activities, I wish to use this medium to commend them. There are still a lot to be done. Similarly, the elected officials are expected to have in mind the interest of the ordinary students in their decision making. Subsequent social activities shouldn’t be done at a disadvantaged period and choice of activities should be all encompassing.

Lastly, to prevent stories that touch, I will advice each office holders to print/write in bold characters their campaign promises to students and pasted/hanged in a conspicuous part of their room and/or secretariat, so as to serve as a reminder of the task ahead of them and guide when they seem to be digressing. It is my wish and prayer that all executives and legislators have better days in office.

By Oluwatoyin Betterdays.

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