UI CSO states Red Line to New Students


The Chief Security Officer, University of Ibadan, Mr. Fadeyibi, has stated some safety tips to the newly admitted students to guide them on campus.

Tobi Odeyinka

The CSO outlined the rules, regulations, and safety tips on Wednesday, day two of the ongoing Freshers’ Orientation Programme.

Fadeyibi warned that the university would not tolerate any act of violence and advised that anyone assaulted should not retaliate.
His words, “When you don’t retaliate, and you report; first, you get a commendation, then, you will see the punishment melted on the person that have assaulted you.

“Avoid acts of misconduct that can land you to SDC, that is Students Disciplinary Committee. So take your time to study the students’ handbook.

“When the handbook is given to you, make it your Bible. All the rules and misconduct are there.”

Meanwhile, Fadeyibi also advised the students to confirm their admission status to be sure they are authentic from the university authority.

He said, “Those of you that pay to get things done or you paid someone to help you with ur admission. Go and confirm that the admission is authentic.

“There are people who get to 300 level before they realize their admissions are fake.”

Other safety tips given by the CSO include; having emergency lines off by heart and going about with means of identification.

“If you must go out at night, ensure you carry the appropriate means of identification, like your Library card, school ID or payment of receipt.

“And please, don’t do weeds and for the ladies, it is not every party that you’ll attend. Be selective in what you drink and eat.” He asserted.

The following are emergency lines provided by the CSO

24/7 emergency service – 08077540445

Fire station – 08077544780

CSO – 08035986853


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