What rising NGOs should engage in?

By Adedokun Seyi

The ground for everyone to run advocacy, human right and subventions have been created by the template of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and it is in a form of theme which everyone can come up with millions of topics and ideas to make an Entrepreneur, a Non-governmental Organization (NGO), a Hub, association and whatever you may call it for a specific goal. These goals have their focuses embedded under each item by the United Nation and just as directed the parents, they should always be mindful and conversant with what their children learn. The fourth goal which is quality education aims at ensuring “inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.
The UN started the explanation with the tone of solidarity and believe in everyone that “it’s an ambitious goal – but we believe it can be done”, saying “it is time to build on what we have learned and end poverty altogether” – this is a notification that education is surely the best legacy. 193 countries came together in 2015 to face the world and they have also come head-to-head to also define all including SDG 3, noting that 25 years before the SDGs, there was a big stride – preventable child death dropped by more than half and maternal mortality went down by half, which means the UN Development project is more of a positive pressure on the world, everyone and passionate individuals, to continue what has been established. It is also a pressure on those that create their NGOs for personal gain to make them squeezed out in due time. On quality education, it hammers since the progress from the year 2000, that there have been good results of children enrolled in primary education. Many other good results according to each project have been positive but with caveats which would always arise after every solution begging for the need for continuity of preaching development.
Out of the sustainable goals, quality education is pertinent for the young growing world, especially in a world where history, science, technology are shrinking and eroding because of leadership, personalities in the workforce, ineptitude, ramrod decisions and individualistic focus – lack of teamwork, in order to reduce or completely erase illiteracy, ignorance, wrong mentalities and enable everyone to be independent of thinking and decision making. Education is now a bastard of many because of the distaste it has brought either by those in the academics or irresponsible students or the overemphasized discipline without a reasonable outcome, monitoring and practical, that many institutions have faced.
Goal 5 of the SDGs has been puckered and this has brought up several NGOs on the girl – child, out – of – school children, reducing street hawking by kids, renewing school children’s uniforms and so on. It is a move that the government should emulate, sponsor and fund in her little capacity, to help it achieve her goal of governance in every state. All states, localities and countries that value education for her youth should have seen these rising NGOs as a ten-finger ready to help a vision, but it may be in the reverse as most of the rising NGOs are reported to clandestinely end up leaving the course for some personal gain and even more detrimental engagement, probably because of the big-men mentality they were exposed to while been advised to create one.
SDG 10 is almost behind the line of apt attention by the well-meaning individuals which has resulted in a wider margin of inequalities within and among countries. A country like Nigeria which has been bedevilled with ethnicity, religion and politics is not in the picture of intra-country equality – the poor become poorer while the rich don’t mind”. The mistake always repeated by the government is partnering with other countries to improve the fiscal economy, security, standards of living of people who live in a country where everyone has been faced against his neighbour, where two people of different religion, ethnic group, and political beliefs are not embracing serenity, where everything including unhealthy state, death, properties have been politicized. Inter-country inequality cannot be fought by engaging another competitive country while naked. The only way to make one’s country equal to another is to build the wall of economy, security, law and education around the country only and to make humans equal to another is to treat them equally and reduce the Darwinian rule. “Together, we can now change the direction of the old story of inequality”.
NGOs have a long journey to walk the talk and work it out than being mindful of ownership. Prospects of the SDGs do not reckon with the number of non – governmental organizations in your localities and states. How do we even call some three to five NGOs with the same goals and focus on the same local? What can be the reason for such a large number? Why can’t Africans leave superiority complex to the dust and fold the helm of their shirts to work it out? It is not the vision nor is it the mission. Some might say the difference is caused by the mode of operations: modes of operations do not need to be separated if it is one goal – quality education. For example, four NGOs that focus on exposing primary school children to technology and discovering of individual’s ability and talent from the grass-root have one goal – the students. The one that goes from school to another, giving speeches and clues of tertiary education has the same goal as others. Every faculty is a goal that needs to spread its substance without creating a triple helix.
Essentially, Goal 17 – partnerships for the goals – laces all the wounds of “numerous NGOs” which many do not wait to read. It strengthens the means of implementation and revitalizes the global partnership for sustainable development. The statement reads “the Sustainable Development Goals are a pretty big to-do list. It’s so big you may want to throw your hands up in the air and say, ‘Forget it! Can’t be done! Why even try!’ But we’ve got a lot going for us. The world is more interconnected today than ever before, thanks to the internet, travel, and global institutions. There’s a growing consensus about the need to work together to stop climate change. And the Sustainable Development Goals are no small matter either…”
There are 17 Sustainable Development Goals where several have not been touched, depleted and some are left unattended to. Within one goal, there are several topics which can create different branches to be partnered with. If it continues, it would also promote into a political class where competitions would become obnoxious. Partnership reduces stress, increases productivity, and enables other initiatives of a separate goal to have their impacts. Then a clearer, undisturbed and tidied focus of SDG.

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