“You don’t need to smoke or drink to make good music”- Mylon Hebron

Mylon Hebron speaks on his music career, plans and activities. He also sheds more light on his opinion as regarding the attitude of upcoming artistes.

Can we meet you?

My name is Eradiri Perebonilado Richard Hebron and I am in the department of Zoology. I am in 300 level and I am a proud katangite. I come from a family of six.

Would you mind if I ask about your nationality? Your name sounds foreign!

Sure. I am a Nigerian and I come from Bayelsa state. The name is from the Ijaw tribe, which is my tribe.

What does your name mean?

Eradiri means hidden charm. Perebonilado means wealth has come to me and Hebron is a name from the Bible.

What do you do at your leisure time?

I have really been looking for new hobbies because all I do in my free time is to record music or write music or take music lessons. I have been trying to find other things to do asides music but all to no avail for now.

Mylo Hebron

Can you describe it as passion or you just think you are talented?

I can confidently say I am not talented but I am very sure that I have got a lot of passion from what I do. I have to practise a lot to get better at this and there are times where I would use the last cash I have to record music because of how much I love it.

How many songs have you produced so far?

I really cannot count but I have recorded over twenty for sure but released probably about ten.

Can you name about five of the ones you released?

On my way, Green Light, Jiggy Vibe, Filters, and Up to something.

Does that mean you sing Hip-hop only?

I explore other genres a lot. I hardly ever even do hip hop. I prefer the fusion of genres rather than just doing one pure genre.

The above mentioned songs belong to what genre?

On My Way, Green Light, Up to Something and Jiggy Vibe are all Afro fusion while Filters is ambient rap.

How are your studies?

Average I will say, I have just been able to balance both music and school.

How do you cope especially when you have performances?

I just do what is the most important at a time. I let a lot of performances go because I have school work at times.

Did you pick Zoology as your course of study?

No, I picked medicine. I would probably still go back for medicine after school though.

You do not want music as a career?

Lol, who says I can’t do both? I make music in my room so it is not much of an issue.

Hmmm! Doctor of Music. Who do you look up to as a role model?

Drake, Wizkid, J Cole, Bruno Mars, Marvin Gaye; a bunch of artistes.

Why do you like them?

Their writing styles. Also, the fact that they know how to make hits back to back. I really just study the way they make music.

If there is anything you want to improve on in the music industry what would that be?

The structure. Upcoming artistes find it hard to make money off their music because the platforms support those who have made it already way more.

Aside this, are there other challenges?

It is hard for them to make music because they lack resources.

Do you think it is necessary to change your appearance to become acceptable as a musician?

I think branding is necessary but you do not necessarily have to change your appearance.

What is Music to you? And what gives you inspiration the most?

Music is an expression. I always sing about my life because I know other people go through the same things I do.

Have you ever performed live at an event before? Can you share your experience with us?

Yes I have. I really did not enjoy so much because the sound was not top notch. Although it was still an experience I cherish.

Most do think no successful artiste can do away with smoking, drinking and maybe a host of other vices…what do you think?

Personally, I don’t smoke or drink. I don’t judge the artistes who do but I’m strongly convinced that you don’t need to indulge in those things to make good music.

Where can people download your songs?

You can stream my songs on soundcloud or just follow this link: soundcloud.com/mylo-eradiri.

Do you have any words for your fans?

Yes. I am thankful to them for their support and I am just asking them to keep supporting me.

By Lawal Aderonke, Entertainment Editor

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