RENARSA dissolves Caretaker Committee, inaugurates New Executive Members

By Olayiwola Toheeb

The Renewable Natural Resources Students’ Association has on Friday, 17th May, 2019 dissolved its caretaker committee — inaugurated on the 9th February, 2018 to oversee the affairs of the students in the then new Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources — and has inaugurated its first elected executive members of the association to be led by Mr Adegbola Festus, a 500 level student of wildlife and ecotourism management department.The caretaker committee led by Mr Sanni Hassan — the winner of the JCI FOPA most outstanding in faculty management — while giving report listed his administration’s achievement to include: design of constitution for the association, organizing the faculty’s maiden personality lecture, and procurement of profitable and benefiting assets for the association.

RENARSA staff adviser, Dr O.K Kareem, while swearing in the new executive members advised them to work towards sustaining the legacy left by the caretaker committee, he then assured them of the support of both the teaching and Non-teaching staffs of the faculty.
He said ” as you take up the mantle of leadership, know that you have what it takes to lead the association to a greater height “. ” Every staff — Academic and Non-academic — are always willing to assist academically and otherwise “.
He also praised the caretaker committee for its outstanding performance and the students who facilitated the committee’s outstanding performance: ” whatever you’ve achieved won’t be possible if not for the students”, he said.

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