[Opinion] Justification of Cybercrime: A Symbol of losing it

By- Kunle Sotibi

When bad act is painted good, we say there is a problem; but when evil deeds are being given strong backup by supposed futures of tomorrow, it is an ominous sign that the future will be cloudy and the sun might never shine. As a result of our knowledge of an axiom that says “don’t pay evil with evil,” so many have been forced to justify the evil they do by blaming it on colonialism and slavery which the continent had bade farewell to century ago.

It is no news that cybercrime popularly referred to as ‘yahoo yahoo’ has become a popular word especially among the youths; in fact, it is a profession for some youths that spend their time learning how to defraud someone else. Initially, the whites (foreigners) were the victims of these fraudsters but gradually they have started defrauding Nigerians as well.

It all started with the defrauding of white men and women then it moved to internal cyber fraud then when victims (they call it client) are no longer coming forth, they plus it meaning, performing rituals became the next option to back it up. The heart bleeds so bad when people start protecting these fraudsters when being investigated, is it that poverty has eaten them so deeply that they can’t see?

We blame slavery to justify the act of cyber crime, are other African countries not victims of slavery too? Blame poverty, there are countries much more poorer than Nigeria, why is cyber crime and money rituals not on an increasing rate in those countries. The fact is, let us blame the integrity and honesty that has left our society and it all fall back to everyone.

If the excuse for engaging in cyber crime was slavery of the 18th century, then why do they defraud the indigenes too? Few weeks ago on social media, what flew over was the justification of cyber crime and verbal attacks on those who opposed it. It is so pathetic, disappointing and heart rending to see that a larger percentage of the populace supported this superfluous act.

Nelson Mandela, speaking on honesty said ‘As I have said, the first thing is to be honest with yourself. You can never have an impact on society if you have not changed yourself. Great peacemakers are all people of integrity, of honesty, but humility. In a society of liars and dishonest people, development is far from such society.

Their slogan is ‘Education is a scam.’ If the government has failed us is it reasonable for us to fail ourselves? The justification of what is morally wrong on social media, is a sign that things are falling apart and the authority have lost it. Before, it was hidden, done in secrecy but now it has become a public issue, nothing to hide again. Welcome to the country where cyber fraudsters have now become stars and highly celebrated.

We blame the government for the underdevelopment we swim in, we pray fervently to God to bless us, yet our hands are not clean. So many people have lost all their properties as a result of falling victims to cyber crime, so many life lost to. For development to come in we need to flush out these evil which dwell within us.

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