NHEF members interact with students of the University of Ibadan, give insight into their operation

By: Kareem Shamsudeen

The members of the Nigeria Higher Education Foundation (NHEF), on Wednesday May 8, interacted with the students of the University of Ibadan who are in their penultimate year. The NHEF is “a 501(c)(3) organization founded by the John D. and Catherine T. McArthur foundation and committed to promoting excellence in Nigeria higher education”, partnering with the University of Ibadan, Ahmadu Bello University, Bayero University, Kano, University of Lagos, University of Nigeria, Nsukka and University of Port Harcourt.

The programme moderator, Mr Adeosu welcomed the students to the programme which he said will make them garner more experience. He briefly elucidated on the NHEF, in his words, “the NHEF has a mandate to prepare you for life after school”. He then called on the NHEF facilators/ members to the high table which include: Mr Wale Adeosu (Chairman of the board of NHEF), Mr Adamu Ciroma, Mrs Faridah Usman, Mrs Marie Abolaji and Mrs Sekinat Adebanjo. He, however, handed over to Mrs Faridah Usman to do the proper introduction of the facilitators and also to enlighten the students what is done at NHEF. Mrs Faridah Usman began by describing NHEF as a body that is geared towards the improving of the education Nigeria education system.

She re-introduced the facilitators on the high table and then handed over to Mr Wale Adeosu who reiterated on the NHEF and also mentioned its functions: fund raising, faculty exchange through Skills Inventory Management Systems (SIMS) and the scholars programme. He discussed on the “4ps” that will assist students to improve in their academics. The 4ps are; Passion, Preparation, Perseverance and Prayer.

Next was Mr Adamu Ciroma who gave narrations of his background experience on the education life. He enjoined them to keep pushing. In his words, ” It has not been an easy journey getting to this stage that you are”, re-emphasing that students should be well prepared for life after school. “NHEF gives you certain life skills, directions”, he said.

Mrs Faridah Usman again enlightened the students on NHEF scholars programme which started three years ago, she said “students are selected from partner universities for career development training, interview skills etc”. She aslo said that “the NHEF prepares you for job markets, places students for internship programmes”. She informed the students that application for the NHEF scholars programme is ongoing and will end on May 31; she advised the students to register, she then fave the registration link as (www.thehef.org).

Mrs Marie Abolaji added that NHEF is looking for “leaders” and “problem solevers” among students and will boost the students’ experience by placing them on internship programmes. The last speaker was Mrs Sekinat Adebanjo who gave the students tips for the job markets which include “preparing a CV; leaving early for the Interview; dress well and understand what you apply for” among others. She called on students who have applied for job to have narrate their expriences. The NHEF alumni were also called upon to share their experiences about NHEF.

The programme ended with the moderator, Mr Adeosu, appreciating the organizers of the programme, and the staff of the University of Ibadan present.

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