HeyPay goes live – enhances purchase without cash or card

HeyPay goes live, pay with your phone!

Go cashless.

Go cardless.

HeyPay has just begun a mission to make payments easier for every Nigerian. It is an application that allows users pay for items bought in stores, restaurants etc at zero cost. With the app, users get to own a digital wallet -linked to their phone number- with which payments are made from.

The App was built out of personal frustration by three founders who have as far back as they can recall, experienced problems with the conventional payment methods. On a regular basis, they have faced problems related to the collection of “change”, coupled with the agony of queuing for long periods of time simply to get cash from ATMs only to fall back once more in the change problem. When bank apps created an avenue for fund transfers, it looked like an end had finally come but, the high charges placed by banks on customers have done no good in helping solve the problem. Eventually, the Point-of-sale(POS) machine came into the picture but has also proven that it is not the best solution as it has presented a lot of problems both for sellers and buyers. Hence the need seen by the founders to properly solve this problem. HeyPay is built specifically to solve all the challenges that the current payment solutions have, betting on their shortcomings.

Using the app, you can say “bye” to the change problems we encounter every day when we buy things; POS failure, ATM stress and failure, queuing and very importantly carrying cash around. As a matter of fact, there’s no need to carry cards around and to top it all, payments made are totally free. The reason HeyPay stands shoulders above the existing payment solutions currently being used, especially when it comes to paying sellers & merchants, is because of its reliability, ease, speed, little or no cost and unbeatable convenience.

Our goal in the nearest future is to make paying as easy as messaging, so cashless payments will become main stay in our society because of its many advantages. Cashless transactions are the future and we call on everyone to join us as we go through this journey to the future. Let us begin now. Get HeyPay today, pay with your phone and save yourself the stress. Remember that the coolest people don’t use cash, they use HeyPay. Become cool. Go cashless. Go cardless. Join the cashless generation. Join the HeyPay generation! To get the app visit Google Playstore now and search for ‘heypay’ or visit www.heypay.xyz. Once the app is downloaded from play store, registration is required then a onetime password(OTP) is sent to confirm if the phone number used is yours.

To pay, all you have to do is Scan the QR code of the seller (or type their phone number), type amount to be paid and then your pin. It is that fast, simple and easy. Remember to link your debit card to your electronic wallet. HeyPay is currently accepted by almost all sellers in UI and would soon by accepted by cab drivers and bike riders for payments. We are proud to be one of the first financial technology companies in this space trying to make a difference so payments can be easier for buyers and sellers alike.

Enjoy using HeyPay when you pay.


HeyPay goes live, pay with your phone!

… No more cash!
… No more card!

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  1. Who are the three founders? Are they UItes. They can be interviewed by a website founded by a Uite. The website is interviewstories.org. It tells the story of entrepreneurs and other people who are contributing positively to the society.

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