FALSE: Dominion University didn’t appoint Professor Egbokhare as Vice Chancellor


By Adedokun Seyi

Against the report by the Union of Campus Journalists reporter, which was retrieved from a ‘reliable source’, Sunday Saanu (Media Aide to the Vice Chancellor of University of Ibadan) that Professor Egbokhare of Faculty of Arts, Department of Linguistics and African languages was appointed Vice Chancellor of Dominion University, the Professor has debunked the news saying “the information is not true, I don’t know where it came from”.

The appointment was announced during the visit of Bishop Adelakun of Victory International church, Rehoboth Cathedral and Proprietor of Dominion University on May 7, 2019.

Bishop Taiwo Adelakun had said earlier that of the conditions given by the National Universities Commission during approval presentation, University of Ibadan would be the mentoring institution.

The report according to the source, stated that the Bishop said “Prof. Egbokhare, Francis Oisaghaede of Department of Linguistics and African Languages, University of Ibadan, has been appointed as the pioneer Vice Chancellor of Dominion University”, but after putting a call through to Professor Egbokhare, he debunked it. He was only there as the “Chairman, Project Implementation committee”. He further said the source was “obviously asleep during the event. Please make necessary corrections. You may quote me if you like.”

Professor Adedoyin Soyibo, a Professor of Economics at the University of Ibadan was the appointed Vice Chancellor announced by the Proprietor of Dominion University.


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