S.E.I.H to partner with Wennovation Hub for Project Campus2Market 2.0


The Students’ Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hub is glad to announce their partnership with the Wennovation Hub for Wennovation’s Campus2Market 2.0.

Campus Startup Challenge (Campus2Market) is aimed at developing the Innovative Business and Tech Communities springing out of campuses around Nigeria especially in Oyo State, providing them with leverage for sustainable businesses and showcase the great business potentials that can scale across the African region and globally.

The objective of this program is to;

Identify teams with innovative ideas and transform such into a viable business solution.
Validate innovative ideas and help to identify workable business model
Build capacity of the upcoming businesses to make their businesses resilient to market threats, and sustainable for the longer period
Provide business supports to top teams.

You can apply on bit.ly/projectcampus2market

…Of connecting bridges for Entrepreneurship to thrive in University of Ibadan.

Your chances of securing a grant is increased when you’ve started work on a project.

Most students don’t engage with opportunities because they were never prepared for it. Have you ever pictured an ecosystem where students get to apply for opportunities with ready-to-scale startups?

The Students’ Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hub will provide students the platform to execute projects and connect to enterprise development programs or incubation.

Hult Prize movement has so far generated much impact from 2016 under the leaderships of Samuel Babalola (PhD) till 2018 and Ojo Oladimeji Johnson (2019).

Discoveries from the Hult Prize competition birthed the Students’ Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hub. The hub will create an ecosystem where entrepreneurs get prepared for opportunities. While serving as connectors, the hub will be opened to partnerships to drive growth within and outside the University of Ibadan.


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