By Kareem Shamsudeen

Leaders instill in the people a hope for success and a belief in themselves. Positive leaders empower the people to accomplish their goals” -Unknown

The demystification of the word “leader” is subjected to authorities of diverse fields, because of the different nature of people who have demonstrated certain exceptional qualities in steering the course of different areas of administration. Being a leader is not just by heading an organization or any other equivalents, it wovens around being supportive, and the willingness and readiness to listen to the observations, suggestions, commentaries etc, of those who are below your hierarchy. As Lisa Cash Hanson puts it ” Leadership is the ability to guide others without force into a direction or decision that leaves them the still feeling, empowered and accomplished”. This is an insinuation that leaders are to uplift their followers and not denigrate them. A leader must be emotionally intelligible!

It is often argued that no individual just rises abruptly without garnering experience. Experience as it is said, is the shaping tool that prepares an individual for life situations. Before you find your way to the top you so envisage; you have to learn from leaders. Learning is of paramount importance to a cultured person. It is almost impossible for an individual to admire the qualities inherent in himself all along, there must be some bevy of individuals who will resonate your mind with their profound qualities, and you will wish to learn from them. In fact, leaders are sensitive, they facilitate the upliftment of those who recognize them as mentors.
A leader is not unnecessarily baffled that his followers may become more prominent than himself; toxified thoughts do not characterize the mental sanctum of good leaders. If all leaders have such cogitations, then the world would not have experienced such modern civilization and all innovations for the upliftment of the society would have been kept in the hearts of men who are selfish to know only, and that others will not know forever.

Leaders are distinguished members of the society. Without them, the society will not thrive. The society is always better if some set of characteristic personalities boost the environment with appropriate innovations and inventions. By so doing, experience will be direct, favourable and education will thrive. Socrates is a great leader who taught directly and indirectly philosophers of life such as Plato, Aristotle and the like, and the resultant effect is a tremendous increase and greatness in human thinking capacities. Leaders are not disturbed by the desire to beat other men in reasoning capabilities but by the the need to create good men notable in academic excellences and charismatic qualities geared towards the betterment of the society.

Negatively oriented leaders are like petrol bombs that send the society to gloom, destruction and moral putrescence. They mis-lead, hence tagged, “mis-leaders”. Negative leaders toxify the Faculty of Thinking of their followers with too-gruesome and revolt-steering episodes. Their followers are the product of retrogressive mindset they have successfully laid. As they are, mis-leaders will never be contented with their followers, with the corrupt assertion of, “he must not be greater than I am”. Let us all imagine if this carcinogenic notion has clouded the minds of many world leaders of today, where will we be? The world will be thrown into a state of disarray and morass of confusion.

Thomas M Hesburgh says, ” the very essence of leadership is that you have to have vision. You cannot blow an uncertain trumpet”. Mis-leaders do not have vision, their vision are unilluminated darkness. It is an accepted fact that humans nature cannot be similar; there’s the good and there’s the evil. But if all leaders are good, social vices will take peregrinations away from this cosmopolis for life.

Positive oriented leaders(worthy to be called leaders) make. Good leaders create. They create appropriate mindset in the minds of their followers even if the latter see no good in themselves. They pull up those who are dragged down with sizzling speeches and plant in them unfailing determination, hope, confidence, and burning zeal and aspirations towards their goals and dream: “you can, you will etc” they always said to those losing hope. World leaders such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela and the like are greatly appreciated today and taught in history classes because they are pathfinders; they all stood out in their enigmatic qualities, and contemporary netizens see as mentors even when they never meet them. Good leadership forever will leave indelible mark on people and your names will be imprinted in the mind of many for life.
Mis-leaders on the other hand, will always be kept in the black list of the people’s hearts. Who wants to be mentored by the person(s) that inspired world-class terrorists and terrorist- leaders like Osama Bin Laden, Idi Amin, Ted Bundy etc? Nobody, because mis-leaders are no precious ointments!

As John Quincy Adams posits, ” If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader”. Leaders trigger success in the hearts of their followers, and do not see them as threats tending towards usurping their recognition, prominence and position if accommodated within the shortest time frame. However, the simple point is that when one’s follower achieves the very best, one is recognized for bringing limelight to the achievement.
To those holding positions of authority; be leaders, not a mis-leaders!


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