As it is widely proclaimed, “the fear of God” in contrast with the biblical document outlined as “the beginning of wisdom”. Reverse is the case, welcome to the Premier University in Nigeria where the fear of SDC is the beginning of wisdom and common sense – where some vibrant voices bear the brunt of many and a land where students’ mouths are locked amidst unpleasant and unpalatable conditions.

The concerned students leaders who had been investigated by the panel in the past few months, 10th and 11th of the April, 2019 was subsequently tagged the “judgement day”. The concerned students leaders had been waiting for verdict on the issue that happened over two years ago. Yes, two years ago! This is not the book-of-life case but apparently it’s a case between the almighty administrators and the student leaders.

Going back on the memory lane of what warrant this unfair justice, it happened on May 29th, 2017 a peaceful protest by students who felt cheated for paying for identify card but was not issued. The school management claimed that there was vandalism of properties in which the Students’ Union denied such allegation. Unfortunately, the School Management broke the backbone of the students Union by locking up the Students union building and the rod of suspension fell heavily on the students body. With immediate effect, students were sent home and the institution was on lock down, although, it eventually got reopened after few weeks.

However, the case has been in the court of Students’ Disciplinary Committee, the suspended Student Union executives and the Student Representative Council (SRC) were served letters to appear before the Students’ Disciplinary Committee for the protest which erupted. Due to this, the student populace have remained mute and the slogan “the fear of SDC is the beginning of wisdom” became the popular quote on the lips of students. Just as the prominent late singer Fela said “suffering and smiling and justice left the citadel of learning”.

The judgement came and even those who are not in the University community called students of the University to enquire what SDC means, the acronym “SDC” gained more publicity and the word suspension was emphatically used on those two days of the “judgement day”.

Students want revolution, students want justice and freedom, here are scholars that teaches democracy and freedom on paper but shut it down in the practical realm. Young vibrant students who want to conquer victimization could not defeat it, victimization broke the spinal cord of their liberation, agitation and their academic journey was prolonged, emotionally tortured and now caged in the den of victimization.

The wise men of old believed in using wisdom in prevailing justice but fear has been instilled in the minds of those who wanted sound judgment, they put on the cloak of pretence; became mute and acted like nothing never happened, grudgingly bearing the pain and forcefully letting out a smile, confusion rocks the mind but the mouth cannot speak of it.

Leaders who fight for the interest of their followers, sacrifice a lot of their time, money, efforts and the end gain is suffering for the sins of many. If good character is victimization then what does the varsity itself stands for?

Students are restricted to speak or write about their displeasure, caged amidst snakes and scorpions, where they have to watch their steps or else they will be hurt and if possible, victimized. Given two options, students either speak and get hammered or students either keep quiet while they suffer and graduate peacefully, while such become a “robot” in the society of humans. Sadly, in a community where intellects ought to reside but reversal it is, victimization is the rod that silences the voice of the oppressed.

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