By Adedokun Seyi
In the affairs of the state, or a nation, those that have problems are not the political office holders alone, but those that worked and walked the cranny of solicitation tuck a lot of trouble in the pocket of diplomacy. Also, if a leader cannot signal the right opinion and get moved by the decision of the crowd, a fall or lifting is already by his side. Everybody is a problem, even if you were hiding under your pillow on the day rage sweeps. Starting from 1971, when Kunle Adepeju, the unknown that became known at death, took the gourd of sour wine through the shot of an angry moment, from an angle of terror right on campus, they probably didn’t know it was the beginning of threat to lives and future. Nowadays, “the school” does only care for the immobile properties rather than even giving the message of wholesomeness it professes. Many would argue that Kunle Adepeju would not have been in that bloody shoe if he didn’t come out, so, like our Jesus told the Pharisees to stone one harlot to romanced his feet with oil, who among you was never in a death scene? What is it about judgment and mis-judgment is that it catches you anywhere.
In 2017, nobody was with a double mind, not one person protested against the protest uprising. It started during Ojo Nifemi led-administration in 2016, when he called a press conference to address the fairness of the school on students concerning Identity cards and other issues bothering on students. During that time, Nifemi mentioned that the institution does “not produce good products” which was not true to some loyalists. During a moment of vacation, students’ meeting was also called for sensitization towards the next administration. Heavy men were around – the campus journalists, media, radical student leaders, the rascals and nonentities. We hoped for a good result, because in the years of past management, it wasn’t to that extent.
The baton was passed to Ojo in 2017. He became Union’s President with a giraffe-neck vote. He wasn’t going to be a finalist but he was so loved and respected because of his strength at tackling issues with respect. He was like the messiah of incorruptible Students’ Union and he stood his stand that whatever should be given would be given, he took it as his life and won, with his team name – Patriotic intelligentsia. The day of inauguration came nigh and forward came Ojo speaking in another tongue of Aderemi who would never blanket from a fierce stare, struck those that were not even present by his words to female residents concerning the use of hotplate. Till today, the use of hotplate is still legal according to rules guiding students, but when the constitution opposes the mirror image, the people wield their sticks anyhow for that road is blind and dark. This caused a boil on campus and there was inevitability of protest action.
If a president refuses to obey the constitution which he swore by, he would be taken for it. The management swore him in with every articles of the school – including students’ union constitution, which was the first prove that the management even respects the order. A congress was called in order to know the mind of the people – this is what a reasonable President would work with, but not “no matter how unreasonable”, where the President, Ojo Aderemi and Speaker of the Seventh assembly, Asiwaju Ibrahim Abayomi were present. Along with Asiwaju came the constitution of Halls of residence. The congress held at the Students’ Union Building foyer, with both of them standing on a slab-basement. Tedderites came with noise, Mellanbites were seated, Idia girls were the dancers with one fine girl with tribal mark giving a dance that has no name, with Katangites and the guys from Baluba armed with their drums. More than five hundred names were taken down, other met the congress started. Asiwaju emphasized on the rules and what the students must consider before the protest could take place. A law-abiding personality like Asiwaju reminded the congress of the rules guiding the halls. He told them that students have breached many rules and it could be a taming thong against the protest. If Aderemi has a resilient nature, it doesn’t equal to a stony heart. Nobody would have wanted a protest without rationale, but it seemed like he defended the wrong people and also did know his team had gone.
A student in 200 level still had a freshman identity until the next session. For two sessions, no student owed the school that fee, but the principle of customer service and response never applied. A sum of 1,350 was paid by all students to receive the identity card, while we had to be rushed to pay, it wasn’t necessary for the management to rush to render the service, then what definition defines management best? Asides the utility of students, if you are paid for a service, it is compulsory you render the same. The school had said that the reason for increasing the price for an identity card was because of the new face it would carry. Students’ identity cards were supposed to come with a chip hence the increment from the original 650. The identity cards were successfully handed to respective departments but without a chip. After all was planned and done, the Students Union was suspended and the leaders’ pegged on misconduct until April 2019. Such a brave journey, where some have graduated, but those left behind bear the brunt. He listened to the voice of his people, but the voice of the people was not the voice of God, or where are those that shouted for protest? God is omniscience!
Nevertheless, the members of the Students representative Council shouldn’t have appeared in the show, nothing should have made them to face a panel because they don’t have the power of the congress. The congress was not a plan for protest and according to the last known President, Ojo Aderemi, and as may be opposed to what many think that the management should be made aware of any congress or protest: it is not constitutional to carry such out. All other offenses are false. Meanwhile, Aderemi and Asiwaju, through listening to the masses, have bagged rustication of two sessions and two semesters respectively along with two other principal officers bagging a semester suspension.
If the school wants to go about teaching students in character and learning with this modus operandi, the character of some students have only been dented with stormy judgment. Nowadays, students cannot talk, write or act for free; all actions have to be paid for, with either blood or water. The school has taught everyone to be porous enough to be cheated, or sound enough to beg for right, and the social justice we fist our hands to be our watchword have we fisted to punch out of our logic. When your child grows up to have more talks of how victimization reigned in his days than you, the Teacher, you should cover your face.

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