By AYENI Otito-Jesu J.

Looking at the topic above, there are some concerns as to what fan is being talked about.

Well, as it might seem, the fan tends to be the home appliance which basically, is being used for convenience, similarly, it can still be mistaken for a football fan but then. This isn’t the basis of what this article is based on.

Truly, a fan is mostly of three blades and the dysfunction in one, is a disability for the body. Hence for it to blow properly, the three blades must function properly.

Similarly, for you to blow as a fan, talking of the human race, there is need for you to have three blades that can assist your functionality and that is what we call

N-(Non-compromise of values)

First, on faithfulness, it is expedient to note that faithfulness is truthfulness. Truthfulness is honesty and honesty is about integrity. Thus, for you to function as a being of positive impact, there is a need to be of integrity and that is a function of your faithfulness to things that you do.

Second, on attitude, it is an essential component of your fan components which is your point of sale to the entire world. In other words, your attitude is your picture. It is the mirror that people look into and the first sight of interest is your attitude before a closer look into your personality. Hence, for you to be of impact and change, ensure your attitude is not of deviance. As your attitude to one is a message onto many.

Third, on non-compromise of values, it is paramount that you let your YES be YES, and your NO, be NO. Your stance as an individual defines your discipline and firmness. If you keep to the aspect of compromise at all levels, you tend to lose your respect and admiration. You fail to keep your values, people tend to lose their interest in you. Hence, maintain your values and keep to all your promises.

In conclusion, for you to blow, you must become faithful, have good attitude, be firm and observant of your values. Blowing in this sense is not a referral to air but of impact. Despite the function of the fan, the users feel the impact by the air it blows. Hence, blow your values on people and get to be of benefit. For remember, until you become FAN, you cannot BLOW.

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